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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011-01AustraliaJackson, J; Varnham, S; Russo, C
2009-01Fisheries Management Under Cyclical Population DynamicsCarson, R; Granger, C; Jackson, J; Schlenker, W
2021-12-14Immunizations with diverse sarbecovirus receptor-binding domains elicit SARS-CoV-2 neutralizing antibodies against a conserved site of vulnerability.Burnett, DL; Jackson, KJL; Langley, DB; Aggrawal, A; Stella, AO; Johansen, MD; Balachandran, H; Lenthall, H; Rouet, R; Walker, G; Saunders, BM; Singh, M; Li, H; Henry, JY; Jackson, J; Stewart, AG; Witthauer, F; Spence, MA; Hansbro, NG; Jackson, C; Schofield, P; Milthorpe, C; Martinello, M; Schulz, SR; Roth, E; Kelleher, A; Emery, S; Britton, WJ; Rawlinson, WD; Karl, R; Schäfer, S; Winkler, TH; Brink, R; Bull, RA; Hansbro, PM; Jäck, H-M; Turville, S; Christ, D; Goodnow, CC
2017-09-29IntroductionJackson, J; Oguro, S
2018-01-01Introduction: enhancing and extending study abroad learning through intercultural interventionsOguro, S; Jackson, J; Oguro, S; Jackson, J
2007-01Law for Educators: School and University Law in AustraliaJackson, J; Varnham, S
2018Mentoring students’ intercultural learning during study abroadGiovanangeli, A; Oguro, SG; Harbon, L; Jackson, J; Oguro, S
2019-05-16Plenary: Fostering global-mindedness and inclusivity through intercultural mentoringOguro, S; Jackson, J
2010-01Student Complaint Handling and Disciplinary Processes in the 21st Century Australian UniversityJackson, J; Fleming, H; Kamvounias, P; Varnham, S
2009-01Student Grievances and Discipline Matters ProjectJackson, J; Fleming, H; Kamvounias, P; Varnham, S
2018-05-08Understanding the Innovation Ecosystem in Mining and What the Digital Revolution Means for ItSteen, J; Macaulay, SC; Kunz, N; Jackson, J; Clifford, M; Perrons, R; Ali, S; Grice, T
2014-01Universities as the 'Critics and Conscience of Society': The Challenges and Threats to Academic Freedom and University Autonomy in Today's Higher Education SectorVarnham, S; Jackson, J; Anthony Gladman