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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-08-01Assessing the removal of organic micropollutants by a novel baffled osmotic membrane bioreactor-microfiltration hybrid systemPathak, N; Li, S; Kim, Y; Chekli, L; Phuntsho, S; Jang, A; Ghaffour, N; Leiknes, TO; Shon, HK
2016-09-01Can electrocoagulation process be an appropriate technology for phosphorus removal from municipal wastewater?Nguyen, DD; Ngo, HH; Guo, W; Nguyen, TT; Chang, SW; Jang, A; Yoon, YS
2019-12-01The effects of naturally occurring operation factors on the removal mechanism of major algae metabolized materials in forward osmosis processIm, SJ; Shon, HK; Kim, IS; Jang, A
2018-11-15Forward osmosis system analysis for optimum design and operating conditionsAli, SM; Kim, JE; Phuntsho, S; Jang, A; Choi, JY; Shon, HK
2021-08-15Forward osmosis system design and optimization using a commercial cellulose triacetate hollow fibre membrane module for energy efficient desalinationAli, SM; Im, SJ; Jang, A; Phuntsho, S; Shon, HK
2018-07-01Hybrid forward osmosis-reverse osmosis for wastewater reuse and seawater desalination: Understanding the optimal feed solution to minimise foulingVolpin, F; Fons, E; Chekli, L; Kim, JE; Jang, A; Shon, HK
2019-12-01Municipal wastewater treatment by forward osmosis using seawater concentrate as draw solutionYang, S; Gao, B; Jang, A; Shon, HK; Yue, Q
2023-10-31Perspectives and Ideas to Advance Integrative Medicine and Healthcare: Proceedings of the 4th Annual Jaseng Academic ConferenceJang, A; Lee, J; Donahue, C; Coggin-Carr, D; Cummings, M; Trinh, K; Lee, MS; Wieland, S; Zaslawski, C; Prokop, L; Shin, JS
2019-10-01Removal behaviors and fouling mechanisms of charged antibiotics and nanoparticles on forward osmosis membraneOh, SH; Jeong, S; Kim, IS; Shon, HK; Jang, A
2020-03-15Removal of organic micropollutants using advanced membrane-based water and wastewater treatment: A reviewKhanzada, NK; Farid, MU; Kharraz, JA; Choi, J; Tang, CY; Nghiem, LD; Jang, A; An, AK
2019-07-01Techno-economic assessment of fertiliser drawn forward osmosis process for greenwall plants from urban wastewaterKim, JE; Kuntz, J; Jang, A; Kim, IS; Choi, JY; Phuntsho, S; Shon, HK
2020-01-01The application of microalgae in removing organic micropollutants in wastewaterNguyen, HT; Yoon, Y; Ngo, HH; Jang, A
2019-12-07Tuning the nanostructure of nitrogen-doped graphene laminates for forward osmosis desalinationSong, JH; Shon, HK; Wang, P; Jang, A; Kim, IS