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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-11-01Adaptive Morphological Reconstruction for Seeded Image SegmentationLei, T; Jia, X; Liu, T; Liu, S; Meng, H; Nandi, AK
2023-05-10Bifunctional Hole-Transport Materials with Modification and Passivation Effect for High-Performance Inverted Perovskite Solar Cells.Zhou, C; Xu, X; Liu, Z; Sun, Z; Chen, Z; Chen, X; Chen, L; Fang, X; Zhang, J; Yang, YM; Jia, X; Yuan, N; Ding, J
2023-01-01Classification of lattice defects and the microscopic origin of p-type conductivity of Sb<inf>2</inf>Se<inf>3</inf> solar cell absorber with varying Al<inf>2</inf>O<inf>3</inf>-layer thicknessesGuo, H; Jia, X; Liu, J; Feng, Z; Zhang, S; Chen, Z; Tian, H; Qiu, J; Yuan, N; Ding, J
2023-08-10Component Reliability of a Class of Regular Networks and Its ApplicationsSun, X; Fan, J; Kan, S; Fan, W; Jia, X
2019-06-01Coupled Patch Alignment for Matching Cross-View GaitsBen, X; Gong, C; Zhang, P; Jia, X; Wu, Q; Meng, W
2021-03-01Decreased soil total phosphorus following artificial plantation in the Loess Plateau of ChinaZhang, Q; Jia, X; Li, T; Shao, M; Yu, Q; Wei, X
2018-10-04Detecting hotspots in interdisciplinary research based on overlapping community detectionHuang, L; Jia, X; Zhang, Y; Zhou, X; Zhu, Y
2023-02-13Exploration of the Effect of Fluoridation on the Doping-Free Linear Dibenzothiophene-Based Hole-Transport Material Applied for Inverted Perovskite Solar CellsLiu, Z; Wang, Y; Sun, Z; Zhou, C; Chen, Z; Zhu, Y; Jia, X; Zhang, J; Ye, M; Yuan, N
2022-11-25​Fatigue models for airfield concrete pavement: Review and discussionYuan, J; Li, W; Jia, X; Ma, L; Zhou, Z
2011-12-01Gray world based color correction and intensity preservation for image enhancementKwok, NM; Wang, D; Jia, X; Chen, SY; Fang, G; Ha, QP
2010-12-30Image contrast enhancement based on histogram smoothing and continuous intensity relocationKwok, NM; Jia, X; Wang, D; Chen, SY; Ha, QP; Fang, G
2022-07-25Impact of Alkyl Chain Length on the Properties of Fluorenyl-Based Linear Hole-Transport Materials in p-i-n Perovskites Solar CellsSun, Z; Liu, Z; Zhang, J; Zhou, C; Chen, Z; Chen, L; Zhang, S; Jia, X; Zhang, J; Zhou, Y; Song, B; Yuan, N; Ding, J
2023-01Influenza vaccination features revealed by a single-cell transcriptome atlas.Wang, Y; Wang, X; Jia, X; Li, J; Fu, J; Huang, X; Cui, X; Wang, B; Luo, W; Lin, C; Li, Z; Luu, LDW; Li, S; Zhu, X; Tai, J
2022-02-01Intensification of water storage deficit in topsoil but not deep soil in a semi-humid forest after excluding precipitation for two yearsZhang, Q; Jia, X; Li, T; Shao, M; Yu, Q; Wei, X
2018-10-04A link prediction-based method for identifying potential cooperation partners: A case study on four journals of informetricsHuang, L; Zhu, Y; Zhang, Y; Zhou, X; Jia, X
2013-03-18Manganese-based layered coordination polymer: Synthesis, structural characterization, magnetic property, and electrochemical performance in lithium-ion batteriesLiu, Q; Yu, L; Wang, Y; Ji, Y; Horvat, J; Cheng, ML; Jia, X; Wang, G
2013Manganese-based layered coordination polymer: Synthesis, structural characterization, magnetic property, and electrochemical performance in lithium-ion batteriesHorvat, J; Liu, Q; Yu, L; Ji, Y; Cheng, M; Jia, X; Wang, G; Wang, Y
2022-05-01Maximizing User Service Satisfaction for Delay-Sensitive IoT Applications in Edge ComputingLi, J; Liang, W; Xu, W; Xu, Z; Jia, X; Zhou, W; Zhao, J
2023-04-21Multi-omics analysis reveals underlying host responses in pediatric respiratory syncytial virus pneumonia.Huang, X; Li, F; Wang, Y; Jia, X; Jia, N; Xiao, F; Sun, C; Fu, J; Chen, M; Cui, X; Qu, D; Wai Luu, LD; Tai, J; Li, J
2022-01-01Request Reliability Augmentation with Service Function Chain Requirements in Mobile Edge ComputingLiang, W; Ma, Y; Xu, W; Xu, Z; Jia, X; Zhou, W