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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-06-01A low dose cell therapy system for treating osteoarthritis: In vivo study and in vitro mechanistic investigationsWang, B; Liu, W; Li, JJ; Chai, S; Xing, D; Yu, H; Zhang, Y; Yan, W; Xu, Z; Zhao, B; Du, Y; Jiang, Q
2023-10Acclimation of electroactive biofilms under different operating conditions: comprehensive analysis from architecture, composition, and metabolic activity.Ma, H; Dong, X; Yan, Y; Shi, K; Wang, H; Lu, H; Xue, J; Qiao, Y; Cheng, D; Jiang, Q
2012-01Al-doped graphene for ultra-sensitive gas detectionsAo, Z; Jiang, Q; Li, S; Ghenadii Korotcenkov
2021-12-10Analyses of community structure and role of immobilized bacteria system in the bioremediation process of diesel pollution seawater.Fu, X; Qiao, Y; Xue, J; Cheng, D; Chen, C; Bai, Y; Jiang, Q
2017-09-13A CHF detection method based on deep learning with RR intervalsChen, W; Liu, G; Su, S; Jiang, Q; Hung, N
2016-05-16Effect of external electric field on the multifunctional applications of grapheneAo, Z; Jiang, Q; Li, S; Dou, S; Wang, G
2018-01-01Effect of hydraulic retention time on the performance of a hybrid moving bed biofilm reactor-membrane bioreactor system for micropollutants removal from municipal wastewaterJiang, Q; Ngo, HH; Nghiem, LD; Hai, FI; Price, WE; Zhang, J; Liang, S; Deng, L; Guo, W
2017-01-24Electrostatic Stabilization Plays a Central Role in Autoinhibitory Regulation of the Na<sup>+</sup>,K<sup>+</sup>-ATPaseJiang, Q; Garcia, A; Han, M; Cornelius, F; Apell, HJ; Khandelia, H; Clarke, RJ
2013-12-28Enhanced hydrogen sensing properties of graphene by introducing a mono-atom-vacancyJiang, QG; Ao, ZM; Zheng, WT; Li, S; Jiang, Q
2008-08-20Enhancement of CO detection in Al doped grapheneAo, ZM; Yang, J; Li, S; Jiang, Q
2015-09-01Evaluation of micropollutant removal and fouling reduction in a hybrid moving bed biofilm reactor-membrane bioreactor systemLuo, Y; Jiang, Q; Ngo, HH; Nghiem, LD; Hai, FI; Price, WE; Wang, J; Guo, W
2017-09-13Few-Layered Trigonal WS<inf>2</inf> Nanosheet-Coated Graphite Foam as an Efficient Free-Standing Electrode for a Hydrogen Evolution ReactionGuo, X; Ji, J; Jiang, Q; Zhang, L; Ao, Z; Fan, X; Wang, S; Li, Y; Zhang, F; Zhang, G; Peng, W
2013-07-14First principles study on the hydrophilic and conductive graphene doped with Al atomsJiang, QG; Ao, ZM; Jiang, Q
2020-12General Synthesis of Single‐Atom Catalysts for Hydrogen Evolution Reactions and Room‐Temperature Na‐S BatteriesLai, W; Wang, H; Zheng, L; Jiang, Q; Yan, Z; Wang, L; Yoshikawa, H; Matsumura, D; Sun, Q; Wang, Y; Gu, Q; Wang, J; Liu, H; Chou, S; Dou, S
2014-01-01Hydrogen storage in porous graphene with Al decorationAo, Z; Dou, S; Xu, Z; Jiang, Q; Wang, G
2022-10Insight of the bio-cathode biofilm construction in microbial electrolysis cell dealing with sulfate-containing wastewater.Shi, K; Cheng, W; Jiang, Q; Xue, J; Qiao, Y; Cheng, D
2022-11-04Insights into the effects of operating parameters on sulfate reduction performance and microbial pathways in the anaerobic sequencing batch reactor.Xue, J; Yao, Y; Li, W; Shi, K; Ma, G; Qiao, Y; Cheng, D; Jiang, Q
2022-01-01Interaction of the concentration of S<sup>2–</sup>, SO<inf>4</inf><sup>2–</sup> and microbial community by controlling nitrogen stripping during sulfate-rich wastewater treatmentShi, K; Jiang, Q; Qiao, Y; Xue, J; Yao, Y; Niu, L; Sun, S; Cheng, D; Huang, J
2023-10-01Microbial electrolysis cell as an effective tool for mitigating the toxic effects of Cu<sup>2+</sup> on microorganisms in the acid mine drainage treatment: Efficacy and mechanismsShi, K; Yao, Y; Gao, Y; Cheng, D; Qiao, Y; Jiang, Q; Cheng, W; Xue, J
2022-10-01Oil degradation ability difference and microbial community successions by Ochrobactrum and Shewanella in different oil-polluted seawaterShi, K; Yang, Y; Qiao, Y; Jiang, Q; Cheng, D; Xue, J