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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-03-01Big Data and the Internet of Things: Current Industry Practices and their Implications for Consumer Privacy and Privacy LiteracyPingo, Z; Narayan, B; Kaur, G; Tomar, P
2023Deciphering New Drug Targets in Alzheimer’s DiseaseVerma, N; Thapa, K; Kanojia, N; Kaur, G; Sood, P; Dua, K
2020-12-01Development of modified apple polysaccharide capped silver nanoparticles loaded with mesalamine for effective treatment of ulcerative colitisKaur, G; Singh, SK; Kumar, R; Kumar, B; Kumari, Y; Gulati, M; Pandey, NK; Gowthamarajan, K; Ghosh, D; Clarisse, A; Wadhwa, S; Mehta, M; Satija, S; Dua, K; Dureja, H; Gupta, S; Singh, PK; Kapoor, B; Chitranshi, N; Kumar, A; Porwal, O
2023Epigenetics of Haemophilus influenzaeVerma, N; Kaur, G; Thapa, K; Kanojia, N; Rani, L; Sood, P; Dua, K
2019-12-01Gold nanoparticles: New routes across old boundariesKumari, Y; Kaur, G; Kumar, R; Singh, SK; Gulati, M; Khursheed, R; Clarisse, A; Gowthamarajan, K; Karri, VVSNR; Mahalingam, R; Ghosh, D; Awasthi, A; Yadav, AK; Kapoor, B; Singh, PK; Dua, K; Porwal, O
2018-04-01Hydroalcoholic extract of Argyreia speciosa roots ameliorates HCl-mediated acute lung injury in miceKaur, G; Jaswal, P; Banga, R; Dharwal, V; Kumar, A; Naura, A
2023Synbiotics in Gastric CancerVerma, N; Thapa, K; Kaur, G; Dua, K
2016-11-22The synthesis of substituted amino[2.2]paracyclophanes.Jayasundera, KP; Kusmus, DNM; Deuilhé, L; Etheridge, L; Farrow, Z; Lun, DJ; Kaur, G; Rowlands, GJ
2023-08Update on mucoadhesive approaches to target drug delivery in colorectal cancerKanojia, N; Thapa, K; Verma, N; Rani, L; Sood, P; Kaur, G; Dua, K; Kumar, J