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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2012Alternative Rotor Designs for High Performance Brushless Permanent Magnet Machines for Hybrid Electric VehiclesDorrell, DG; Hsieh, M; Knight, AM
Jan-2012Analysis And Design Techniques Applied To Hybrid Vehicle Drive Machines-Assessment Of Alternative IPM And Induction Motor TopologiesDorrell, DG; Knight, AM; Evans, L; Popescu, M
Jan-2010Comparison of Different Motor Design Drives for Hybrid Electric VehiclesDorrell, DG; Popescu, M; Knight, AM; Evans, L; Staton, DA; Technical Committee
Jan-2010Comparison of Permanent Magnet Drive Motor with a Cage Induction Motor Design for a Hybrid Electric VehicleDorrell, DG; Popescu, M; Evans, L; Staton, DA; Knight, AM; Sato, Y; Ohsaki, H; al, E
Jan-2011Design and analysis of Brushless Doubly Fed Reluctance MachinesKnight, AM; Betz, RE; Dorrell, DG; NA
3-Jan-2012Design principles for brushless doubly fed reluctance machinesKnight, AM; Betz, RE; Dorrell, DG; NA
Jan-2011Improvements in Brushless Doubly-Fed Reluctance Generators Using High Flux Density Steels and Selection of the Correct Pole NumbersDorrell, DG; Knight, AM; Betz, RE
Jan-2012Improving the Torque Prediction of Saturated Automotive Drive Machines by Accurate Representation of Saturated B/H CurvesKnight, AM; Dorrell, DG
22-Aug-2011Issues with the Design of Brushless Doubly-Fed Reluctance Machines: Unbalanced Magnetic Pull, Skew and Iron LossesDorrell, DG; Knight, AM; Betz, RE; IEEE
Jan-2010Modern Electrical Machine Analysis and Design Techniques Applied to Hybrid Vehicle Drive MachinesDorrell, DG; Popescu, M; Evans, L; Staton, DA; Knight, AM; Technical Committee
Jan-2011Performance Improvement in High-Performance Brushless Rare-Earth Magnet Motors for Hybrid Vehicles by Use of High Flux-Density SteelDorrell, DG; Knight, AM; Popescu, M
Jan-2013Saturation and Ducting Effects in a Brushless Doubly-Fed Reluctance MachineDorrell, DG; Knight, AM; Song, WK; Betz, RE