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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-04-12A new subspecies of <i>Trypanosoma cyclops</i> found in the Australian terrestrial leech <i>Chtonobdella bilineata</i>.Ellis, J; Barratt, J; Kaufer, A; Pearn, L; Armstrong, B; Johnson, M; Park, Y; Downey, L; Cao, M; Neill, L; Lee, R; Ellis, B; Tyler, K; Lun, Z-R; Stark, D
2018-06-08Accreditation Standard Guideline Initiative for Tai Chi and Qigong Instructors and Training Institutions.Oh, B; Yeung, A; Klein, P; Larkey, L; Ee, C; Zaslawski, C; Knobf, T; Payne, P; Stener-Victorin, E; Lee, R; Choi, W; Chun, M; Bonucci, M; Lang, H-D; Pavlakis, N; Boyle, F; Clarke, S; Back, M; Yang, P; Wei, Y; Guo, X; Weng, C-HD; Irwin, MR; Elfiky, AA; Rosenthal, D
2016-08Angiostrongylus cantonensis: a review of its distribution, molecular biology and clinical significance as a human pathogen.Barratt, J; Chan, D; Sandaradura, I; Malik, R; Spielman, D; Lee, R; Marriott, D; Harkness, J; Ellis, J; Stark, D
2014-03-01Evaluation of fingermark detection sequences on paper substratesMarriott, C; Lee, R; Wilkes, Z; Comber, B; Spindler, X; Roux, C; Lennard, C
2018-04-01Evolutionary ARMS Race: Antimalarial Resistance Molecular SurveillanceProsser, C; Meyer, W; Ellis, J; Lee, R
2013-07-12Global marine plankton functional type biomass distributions: CoccolithophoresO'Brien, CJ; Peloquin, JA; Vogt, M; Heinle, M; Gruber, N; Ajani, P; Andruleit, H; Arístegui, J; Beaufort, L; Estrada, M; Karentz, D; Kopczyńska, E; Lee, R; Poulton, AJ; Pritchard, T; Widdicombe, C
2022-04-21Host transmission dynamics of first- and third-stage Angiostrongylus cantonensis larvae in Bullastra lessoniPai, T-Y; Meyer, W; Torpy, F; Donahoe, S; Ellis, J; Malik, R; Lee, R
2017-01-12Isolation of Novel Trypanosomatid, Zelonia australiensis sp. nov. (Kinetoplastida: Trypanosomatidae) Provides Support for a Gondwanan Origin of Dixenous Parasitism in the LeishmaniinaeBarratt, J; Kaufer, A; Peters, B; Craig, D; Lawrence, A; Roberts, T; Lee, R; McAuliffe, G; Stark, D; Ellis, J
2019-08-15Molecular detection of drug resistant malaria in Southern ThailandNoisang, C; Prosser, C; Meyer, W; Chemoh, W; Ellis, J; Sawangjaroen, N; Lee, R
2015-03-03Molecular epidemiology of imported cases of leishmaniasis in Australia from 2008 to 2014Roberts, T; Barratt, J; Sandaradura, I; Lee, R; Harkness, J; Marriott, D; Ellis, J; Stark, D
2020-01Near Infrared Light Triggered Photo/Immuno-Therapy Toward Cancers.Xu, X; Lu, H; Lee, R
2022-04-24New frontier capitalism in China and the power to name: regional territorialization, petroleum development, and the concurrence of US-PRC relations at September 11 thLee, R
2019-02-11Palaeogenomics of the Hydrocarbon Producing Microalga Botryococcus braunii.Tennant, RK; Lux, TM; Sambles, CM; Kuhn, NJ; Petticrew, EL; Oldfield, R; Parker, DA; Hatton, J; Moore, KA; Lee, R; Turney, CSM; Jones, RT; Love, J
2021-02Plasmodium falciparum Histidine-Rich Protein 2 and 3 Gene Deletions in Strains from Nigeria, Sudan, and South Sudan.Prosser, C; Gresty, K; Ellis, J; Meyer, W; Anderson, K; Lee, R; Cheng, Q
2015-05-22The prevalence of Angiostrongylus cantonensis/mackerrasae complex in molluscs from the Sydney regionChan, D; Barratt, J; Roberts, T; Lee, R; Shea, M; Marriott, D; Harkness, J; Malik, R; Jones, M; Aghazadeh, M; Ellis, J; Stark, D
2018-05-01Resistance screening and trend analysis of imported falciparum malaria in NSW, Australia (2010 to 2016)Prosser, C; Meyer, W; Ellis, J; Lee, R
2021Solar driven produced water treatment for beneficial usesGunness, R; Wee, H; Lee, R; Nguyen, LN; Nghiem, LD
2017-03-01Supporting fingerprint identification assessments using a skin stretch model — A preliminary studyLee, R; Comber, B; Abraham, J; Wagner, M; Lennard, C; Spindler, X; Roux, C
2021The controversies surrounding Giardia intestinalis assemblages A and BZajaczkowski, P; Lee, R; Fletcher-Lartey, SM; Alexander, K; Mahimbo, A; Stark, D; Ellis, JT