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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
17-Oct-2012Ability to 'explain in plain english' linked to proficiency in computer-based programmingMurphy, L; Fitzgerald, S; Lister, R; McCauley, R
1-Dec-2006The ability to articulate strategy as a predictor of programming skillSimon; Cutts, Q; Haden, P; Sutton, K; Box, I; Hamer, J; Lister, R; Tolhurst, D; Fincher, S; Robins, A; Baker, B; de Raadt, M; Hamilton, M; Petre, M; Tutty, J
16-Dec-2008Acitation analysis of the SIGCSE 2007 proceedingsLister, R; Box, L
1-Jan-2008After the gold rush: Toward sustainable scholarship in computingLister, R
29-Jan-2019ArAl: An Online Tool for Source Code Snapshot Metadata AnalysisAhadi, A; Lister, R; Mathieson, L
1-Dec-2006An Australasian study of reading and comprehension skills in novice programmers, using the bloom and SOLO taxonomiesWhalley, JL; Lister, R; Thompson, E; Clear, T; Robbins, P; Ajith Kumar, PK; Prasad, C
1-Dec-2006Automated testing of Unix command-line and scripting skillsSolomon, A; Santamaria, D; Lister, R
1-Sep-2004The backwash effect on SQL skills gradingPrior, JC; Lister, R
1-Dec-2009The BRACElet 2009.1 (Wellington) SpecificationWhalley, JL; Lister, R
1-Jan-2013The canterbury questionbank: Building a repository of multiple-choice CS1 and CS2 questionsSanders, K; Ahmadzadeh, M; Clear, T; Edwards, SH; Goldweber, M; Johnson, C; Lister, R; McCartney, R; Patitsas, E; Spacco, J
1-Jun-2012The CC2013 Strawman and Bloom's taxonomyLister, R
1-Jan-2008A citation analysis of the ACE2005 - 2007 proceedings, with reference to the June 2007 CORE conference and journal rankingsLister, R; Box, I
1-Dec-2009A citation analysis of the ACSC 2006 - 2008 proceedings, with reference to the CORE conference and journal rankingsLister, R; Box, I
1-Dec-2009A citation analysis of the ICER 2005-07 proceedingsLister, R; Box, I
1-Dec-2008Classifying computing education papers: Process and resultsSimon, S; Carbone, A; De Raadt, M; Lister, R; Hamilton, M; Sheard, J
24-Nov-2009A closer look at tracing, explaining and code writing skills in the novice programmerVenables, A; Tan, G; Lister, R
1-Mar-2012Computing education research: Teaching-oriented faculty and computing education researchLister, R
Jan-2004Computing Theory with RelevanceBrookes, WC; Lister, R; Young, A
29-Jan-2013A conceptual model for re ecting on expected learning vs. demonstrated student performanceGluga, R; Kay, J; Lister, R; Simon; Charleston, M; Harland, J; Teague, D
1-Dec-2011Concrete and other neo-piagetian forms of reasoning in the novice programmerLister, R