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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20163D printing meets humanitarian design research: Creative technologies in remote regionsLoy, J; Tatham, P; Healey, R; Tapper, CL; Bennewith, C; Brooks, T; Dorin, A; Greuter, S; Loy, J
20163D Printing Sociocultural SustainabilityLoy, J; Canning, S; Haskell, N; Muthu, SS; Savalani, MM
1-Sep-2013A brave new creativityWelch, D; Loy, J
2011Bridging the gap between aims and objectives for business clients and academic course planners in ‘linked’learning projectsLoy, J; Ancher, S
2012Changing the emphasis of learning through making in technology educationLoy, J; Canning, S
2016Clash of Cultures: Fashion, Engineering, and 3D PrintingLoy, J; Canning, S; Bennewith, C; Brooks, T; Dorin, A; Greuter, S; Loy, J
2012Creating confidence in an alienating educational environmentLoy, J
2013Creative camaraderie: promoting a shared design culture for staff and studentsLoy, J; Ancher, S
2014Curious Directions for Product Designers: How technology is affecting medical design practiceLoy, J
30-Nov-2016Designers Don’t Text - They Visualise: Integrating Coding into the University Design CurriculumNovak, JI; Loy, J; James, D; Javanbakht, Z; Öchsner, A
13-Jul-2017Digital technologies and 4D customized design: Challenging conventions with responsive designNovak, JI; Loy, J
2014eLearning and eMaking in Product Design EducationLoy, J
24-Feb-2014eLearning and eMaking: 3D Printing Blurring the Digital and the PhysicalLoy, J
Jan-2015The future for design education: preparing the design workforce for additive manufacturingLoy, J
2015Industrial Design Digital TechnologyLoy, J; Canning, S; Little, C
2011Preparing Product Design students for working in the global production environment through practical learningLoy, J
2017Recoding Product Design Education: Visual Coding for Human Machine InterfacesNovak, J; Loy, J
2013Reconnecting Through Digital MakingLoy, J; Canning, S
2016Redesigning production systemsLoy, J; Tatham, P; Muthu, SS; Savalani, MM