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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-11A novel multilocus variable-number tandem repeat analysis for Bordetella parapertussis.Kamachi, K; Otsuka, N; Fumimoto, R; Ozawa, K; Yao, S-M; Chiang, C-S; Luu, LDW; Lan, R; Shibayama, K; Watanabe, M
2021-10-01A one-step, one-pot CRISPR nucleic acid detection platform (CRISPR-top): Application for the diagnosis of COVID-19.Li, S; Huang, J; Ren, L; Jiang, W; Wang, M; Zhuang, L; Zheng, Q; Yang, R; Zeng, Y; Luu, LDW; Wang, Y; Tai, J
2020-11Analysis of complete Campylobacter concisus genomes identifies genomospecies features, secretion systems and novel plasmids and their association with severe ulcerative colitis.Liu, F; Chen, S; Luu, LDW; Lee, SA; Tay, ACY; Wu, R; Riordan, SM; Lan, R; Liu, L; Zhang, L
2020-05-17Behavioural and pharmaceutical interventions for the prevention of skin cancers in solid organ transplant recipients: a systematic review of randomised controlled trials.James, LJ; Saglimbene, V; Wong, G; Tong, A; Luu, LDW; Craig, J; Howard, K; Howell, M
2016-07-25Better colonisation of newly emerged Bordetella pertussis in the co-infection mouse model study.Safarchi, A; Octavia, S; Luu, LDW; Tay, CY; Sintchenko, V; Wood, N; Marshall, H; McIntyre, P; Lan, R
2022-09Changes to the upper gastrointestinal microbiotas of children with reflux oesophagitis and oesophageal metaplasia.Luu, LDW; Singh, H; Castaño-Rodríguez, N; Leach, ST; Riordan, SM; Tedla, N; Krishnan, U; Kaakoush, NO
2017-03-31Characterisation of the Bordetella pertussis secretome under different media.Luu, LDW; Octavia, S; Zhong, L; Raftery, M; Sintchenko, V; Lan, R
2021Comparative Phosphoproteomics of Classical Bordetellae Elucidates the Potential Role of Serine, Threonine and Tyrosine Phosphorylation in Bordetella Biology and Virulence.Luu, LDW; Zhong, L; Kaur, S; Raftery, MJ; Lan, R
2018Comparison of the Whole Cell Proteome and Secretome of Epidemic Bordetella pertussis Strains From the 2008-2012 Australian Epidemic Under Sulfate-Modulating Conditions.Luu, LDW; Octavia, S; Zhong, L; Raftery, MJ; Sintchenko, V; Lan, R
2023Corrigendum: Molecular pathogenesis of Chlamydia trachomatis.Jury, B; Fleming, C; Huston, WM; Luu, LDW
2021-01-21Development and comparison of novel multiple cross displacement amplification (MCDA) assays with other nucleic acid amplification methods for SARS-CoV-2 detection.Luu, LDW; Payne, M; Zhang, X; Luo, L; Lan, R
2021-06Enhancing genomics-based outbreak detection of endemic Salmonella enterica serovar Typhimurium using dynamic thresholds.Payne, M; Octavia, S; Luu, LDW; Sotomayor-Castillo, C; Wang, Q; Tay, ACY; Sintchenko, V; Tanaka, MM; Lan, R
2022-02Genetic variants involved in innate immunity modulate the risk of inflammatory bowel diseases in an understudied Malaysian population.Luu, LDW; Popple, G; Tsang, SPW; Vinasco, K; Hilmi, I; Ng, RT; Chew, KS; Wong, SY; Riordan, S; Lee, WS; Mitchell, HM; Kaakoush, NO; Castaño-Rodríguez, N
2023Genome organization and genomics in Chlamydia: whole genome sequencing increases understanding of chlamydial virulence, evolution, and phylogeny.Luu, LDW; Kasimov, V; Phillips, S; Myers, GSA; Jelocnik, M
2022-12Genomic dissection of the microevolution of Australian epidemic Bordetella pertussis.Xu, Z; Hu, D; Luu, LDW; Octavia, S; Keil, AD; Sintchenko, V; Tanaka, MM; Mooi, FR; Robson, J; Lan, R
2023-01Influenza vaccination features revealed by a single-cell transcriptome atlas.Wang, Y; Wang, X; Jia, X; Li, J; Fu, J; Huang, X; Cui, X; Wang, B; Luo, W; Lin, C; Li, Z; Luu, LDW; Li, S; Zhu, X; Tai, J
2023Integrating proteomic data with metabolic modeling provides insight into key pathways of Bordetella pertussis biofilms.Suyama, H; Luu, LDW; Zhong, L; Raftery, MJ; Lan, R
2022-12Metabolomic analysis reveals potential biomarkers and the underlying pathogenesis involved in Mycoplasma pneumoniae pneumonia.Li, J; Luu, LDW; Wang, X; Cui, X; Huang, X; Fu, J; Zhu, X; Li, Z; Wang, Y; Tai, J
-Molecular pathogenesis of Chlamydia trachomatisJury, B; Fleming, C; Huston, WM; Luu, LDW
2022Multi-Platform Omics Analysis Reveals Molecular Signatures for Pathogenesis and Activity of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus.Huang, X; Luu, LDW; Jia, N; Zhu, J; Fu, J; Xiao, F; Liu, C; Li, S; Shu, G; Hou, J; Kang, M; Zhang, D; Xu, Y; Wang, Y; Cui, X; Lai, J; Li, J; Tai, J