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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-07-26Adapting to the challenges of the global pandemic on genetic counselor education: Evaluating students’ satisfaction with virtual clinical experiencesJacobs, C; McEwen, A
2018-02-09Attitudes of sperm, egg and embryo donors and recipients towards genetic information and screening of donorsAmor, DJ; Kerr, A; Somanathan, N; McEwen, A; Tome, M; Hodgson, J; Lewis, S
2019-07-03The C9orf72 hexanucleotide repeat expansion presents a challenge for testing laboratories and genetic counselingCrook, A; McEwen, A; Fifita, JA; Zhang, K; Kwok, JB; Halliday, G; Blair, IP; Rowe, DB
2019-11-08Ensuring Best Practice in Genomic Education and Evaluation: A Program Logic ApproachNisselle, A; Martyn, M; Jordan, H; Kaunein, N; McEwen, A; Patel, C; Terrill, B; Bishop, M; Metcalfe, S; Gaff, C
2021-04-06Ensuring best practice in genomics education and evaluation: reporting item standards for education and its evaluation in genomics (RISE2 Genomics).Nisselle, A; Janinski, M; Martyn, M; McClaren, B; Kaunein, N; Reporting Item Standards for Education and its Evaluation in Genomics Expert Group,; Barlow-Stewart, K; Belcher, A; Bernat, JA; Best, S; Bishop, M; Carroll, JC; Cornel, M; Dissanayake, VHW; Dodds, A; Dunlop, K; Garg, G; Gear, R; Graves, D; Knight, K; Korf, B; Kumar, D; Laurino, M; Ma, A; Maguire, J; Mallett, A; McCarthy, M; McEwen, A; Mulder, N; Patel, C; Quinlan, C; Reed, K; Riggs, ER; Sinnerbrink, I; Slavotinek, A; Suppiah, V; Terrill, B; Tobias, ES; Tonkin, E; Trumble, S; Wessels, T-M; Metcalfe, S; Jordan, H; Gaff, C
2021-03-01Genetic counseling and testing practices for late-onset neurodegenerative disease: a systematic reviewCrook, A; Jacobs, C; Newton-John, T; O’Shea, R; McEwen, A
2018-08-01Genetic Counsellors and Private Practice: Professional Turbulence and Common ValuesCollis, S; Gaff, C; Wake, S; McEwen, A
2019Imagining and designing the future of genetic counselling with the new generation of genetic counsellorsMcEwen, A; Kligyte, G; McLean, J; Jacobs, C
2021-10Patient and Relative Experiences and Decision-making About Genetic Testing and Counseling for Familial ALS and FTD: A Systematic Scoping Review.Crook, A; Jacobs, C; Newton-John, T; Richardson, E; McEwen, A
2020-11-10Preparing the genetic counseling workforce for the future in Australasia.McEwen, A; Jacobs, C
2020-11-05Professional regulation for Australasian genetic counselors.Hoskins, C; Gaff, C; McEwen, A; Macciocca, I; Pearn, A; Shalhoub, C; Salvemini, H; Berkman, J; Riley, KE; Williams, R; Milward, M; Young, M-A
2019-12-02Reflections on the use of co-design to develop a genetic counselling curriculum fit for purpose for the genomic era: a case studyMcEwen, A; McLean, J; Jacobs, C
2021-02Second World Congress on Genetic Counseling: An introduction to the special issue.McEwen, A; Patch, C; Biesecker, B
2022-01-01Systematic review of outcomes in studies of reproductive genetic carrier screening: Towards development of a core outcome set.Richardson, E; McEwen, A; Newton-John, T; Crook, A; Jacobs, C
2021-07-22The Core Outcome DEvelopment for Carrier Screening (CODECS) study: protocol for development of a core outcome setRichardson, E; McEwen, A; Newton-John, T; Manera, K; Jacobs, C
2020-09What do we do and how do we do it? Assessing genetic counselling in the modern era.Yeates, L; McEwen, A; Ingles, J
2020-06-23Who we are, what we do, and how we add value: The role of the genetic counseling 'philosophy of practice' statement in a changing time.McEwen, A; Jacobs, C