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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004-01Checklist for an armed robberNeumark, N; Vaile, I; Thompson, DG
-CleanseHeyward, ME; Neumark, N; Kouyoumdjian, S; Turnbull, D
2010-05-14Collecting PlacesGothe, J; DeLys, S; Kouyoumdjian, S; Neumark, N; Turnbull, D
2005-01Different Spaces, Different TimesNeumark, N; Healy, S; Berryman, B; Goodman, D
2006-01Different Spaces, Different Times: Exploring Possibilities for Cross-Platform 'Radio'Neumark, N
-Drawing Water IIGothe, J; Gwilt, ID; Kouyoumdjian, S; Neumark, N; Turnbull, D
-Homicide RumoursNeumark, N; Miranda, MC; Greg Shapley
2005-01Introduction: Relays, Delay and Distance Art/ActivismNeumark, N; Chandler, A; Neumark, N
2005-01Mini-FM: Performing microscopic distance (an email interview with Tetsuo Kogawa)Chandler, A; Neumark, N
2003-01Museum of RumourNeumark, N; Miranda, M
2007-01Performing the NetworkMiranda, M; Neumark, N
-Sansuigo .02Bowman, CP; Kouyoumdjian, S; Neumark, N; Turnbull, D
-Talking about the WeatherNeumark, N; Miranda, MC; Craig Judd
-Talking about the WeatherNeumark, N; Miranda, MC
-Talking about the Weather - Adem CollectieNeumark, N; Miranda, M; Horst, JVD
-The Trouble with the Weather: a southern responseBosscher, J; Miranda, MC; Neumark, N
2004-01Uncanny Interactions: A Digital Medium for Networked E.motionTurner, GA; Neumark, N; Miranda, M; Weakley, AJ; Edmonds, E; Gibson, R
2010-01Vox humana: The Instrumental Representation of the Human Voicevan Leeuwen, T; Neumark, N; Gibson, R; van Leeuwen, T