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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-10Absolute Versus Relative Success: Why Overconfidence Creates an Inefficient Equilibrium.Soldà, A; Ke, C; von Hippel, W; Page, L
2017-01-01An experimental analysis of information acquisition in prediction marketsPage, L; Siemroth, C
2019-01-01An interoceptive walk down wall streetNewell, A; Page, L
2020-06-01Assessing the unidimensionality of political opinions. An indirect test of the persuasion biasPage, L
2017-07-01The birth of our humanityPage, L
2016-06-01Born leaders: Political selection and the relative age effect in the US CongressMuller, D; Page, L
2017-11-01Can a common currency foster a shared social identity across different nations? The case of the euroBuscha, F; Muller, D; Page, L
2023-03Characteristics associated with antenatally unidentified small-for-gestational-age fetuses: prospective cohort study nested within DESiGN randomized controlled trial.Relph, S; Vieira, MC; Copas, A; Alagna, A; Page, L; Winsloe, C; Shennan, A; Briley, A; Johnson, M; Lees, C; Lawlor, DA; Sandall, J; Khalil, A; Pasupathy, D; DESiGN Trial Team and DESiGN Collaborative Group,
2019-03-04The DESiGN trial (DEtection of Small for Gestational age Neonate), evaluating the effect of the Growth Assessment Protocol (GAP): Study protocol for a randomised controlled trialVieira, MC; Relph, S; Copas, A; Healey, A; Coxon, K; Alagna, A; Briley, A; Johnson, M; Lawlor, DA; Lees, C; Marlow, N; McCowan, L; Page, L; Peebles, D; Shennan, A; Thilaganathan, B; Khalil, A; Sandall, J; Pasupathy, D; Brocklehurst, P; Tebbs, S; Doré, C; Seed, P; Delaney, L; Cresswell, J; Petty, S; Ajay, B; Wright, B; O'Donnell, H; Howard, M; Wayman, E; Galea, P; Dhanjal, M; Iaschi, E; Hodge, V; Samarage, H; Chita, S; Napolitano, R; Tsikimi, I; Ghalustians, F; Bakalis, S; Cicero, S; Peregrine, E; Smith, L; Janga, D; Hutt, R; Chandraharan, E
2016-06Detecting deceptive behaviour after the fact.von Hippel, W; Baker, E; Wilson, R; Brin, L; Page, L
2017-12-01Do agents maximise? Risk taking on first and second serves in tennisEly, J; Gauriot, R; Page, L
2019-11-01Does Success Breed Success? a Quasi-Experiment on Strategic Momentum in Dynamic ContestsGauriot, R; Page, L
2022-08-02Driving a hard bargain is a balancing act: how social preferences constrain the negotiation processEngler, Y; Page, L
2022-09-05Effect of the Growth Assessment Protocol on the DEtection of Small for GestatioNal age fetus: process evaluation from the DESiGN cluster randomised trial.Relph, S; Coxon, K; Vieira, MC; Copas, A; Healey, A; Alagna, A; Briley, A; Johnson, M; Lawlor, DA; Lees, C; Marlow, N; McCowan, L; McMicking, J; Page, L; Peebles, D; Shennan, A; Thilaganathan, B; Khalil, A; Pasupathy, D; Sandall, J; DESiGN Collaborative Group,
2016-12-01Effects of language proficiency on labour, social and health outcomes of immigrants in AustraliaTam, KW; Page, L
2020-08-01Examining the impact of car-sharing on private vehicle ownershipZhou, F; Zheng, Z; Whitehead, J; Perrons, RK; Washington, S; Page, L
2014Exploring the potential for urban food production on Sydney’s rooftopsWilkinson, S; Page, L; Hirota, EH; Formosa, CT; Onyango, J
2019-10-01Fooled by Performance Randomness: Overrewarding LuckGauriot, R; Page, L
2016-10-01From medicalisation to humanizationPage, L
2018-07Guilt averse or reciprocal? Looking at behavioral motivations in the trust gameEngler, Y; Kerschbamer, R; Page, L