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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-10-15Autonomous overlapping community detection in temporal networks: A dynamic Bayesian nonnegative matrix factorization approachWang, W; Jiao, P; He, D; Jin, D; Pan, L; Gabrys, B
2017-09Cell-Like Spiking Neural P Systems With Request Rules.Pan, L; Wu, T; Su, Y; Vasilakos, AV
2017-05Comprehensive preoperative work-up and surgical treatment of low grade tumor/benign lesion related temporal lobe epilepsy.Feng, R; Hu, J; Wu, J; Lang, L; Ma, C; Jiang, S; Sun, B; Gu, X; Pan, L
2019-12-01Cost Efficiency Optimization of 5G Wireless Backhaul NetworksGe, X; Tu, S; Mao, G; Lau, VKN; Pan, L
2020-01-01Deep Reinforcement Learning for Performance-Aware Adaptive Resource Allocation in Mobile Edge ComputingHuang, B; Li, Z; Xu, Y; Pan, L; Wang, S; Hu, H; Chang, V
2021-01-01Energy-aware decision-making for dynamic task migration in MEC-based unmanned aerial vehicle delivery systemLi, R; Li, X; Xu, J; Jiang, F; Jia, Z; Shao, D; Pan, L; Liu, X
2018-12-01Exploring feature coupling and model coupling for image source identificationHuang, Y; Cao, L; Zhang, J; Pan, L; Liu, Y
2021-03-01Facile self-templating synthesis of layered carbon with N, S dual doping for highly efficient sodium storageLi, J; Ding, Z; Pan, L; Li, J; Wang, C; Wang, G
2020-09-01Gesture recognition using a bioinspired learning architecture that integrates visual data with somatosensory data from stretchable sensorsWang, M; Yan, Z; Wang, T; Cai, P; Gao, S; Zeng, Y; Wan, C; Wang, H; Pan, L; Yu, J; Pan, S; He, K; Lu, J; Chen, X
2022-05High Frame Rate Video Reconstruction Based on an Event Camera.Pan, L; Hartley, R; Scheerlinck, C; Liu, M; Yu, X; Dai, Y
2021-07-18Microwave Link Failures Prediction via LSTM-based Feature Fusion NetworkRuan, Z; Yang, S; Pan, L; Ma, X; Luo, W; Grobler, M
2022-12-22Mitigating Multi-class Unintended Demographic Bias in Text Classification with Adversarial LearningPan, L; Yao, L; Zhang, W; Wang, X
2022-01-01Mitigating Multi-class Unintended Demographic Bias in Text Classification with Adversarial LearningPan, L; Yao, L; Zhang, W; Wang, X
2017-10-01Multipath Cooperative Communications Networks for Augmented and Virtual Reality TransmissionGe, X; Pan, L; Li, Q; Mao, G; Tu, S
2019-02-14Optimal economic and emission dispatch of a microgrid with a combined heat and power systemHe, L; Lu, Z; Pan, L; Zhao, H; Li, X; Zhang, J
2016-11Prediction and validation of association between microRNAs and diseases by multipath methods.Zeng, X; Zhang, X; Liao, Y; Pan, L
2014-01-01Privacy preserving in location data release: A differential privacy approachXiong, P; Zhu, T; Pan, L; Niu, W; Li, G
2019-01-01Security and Cost-Aware Computation Offloading via Deep Reinforcement Learning in Mobile Edge ComputingHuang, B; Li, Y; Li, Z; Pan, L; Wang, S; Xu, Y; Hu, H
2021-03-01Synergistic coupling of NiS<inf>1.03</inf> nanoparticle with S-doped reduced graphene oxide for enhanced lithium and sodium storageLi, J; Ding, Z; Li, J; Wang, C; Pan, L; Wang, G
2020-07-25VoterChoice: A ransomware detection honeypot with multiple voting frameworkKeong Ng, C; Rajasegarar, S; Pan, L; Jiang, F; Zhang, LY