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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-01-01The application of mixed methods: Using a crossover analysis strategy for product development in real EstateChristensen, PH; Robinson, S; Simons, RA
2021-04-21Applying a framework to assess the impact of cardiovascular outcomes improvement research.Sarkies, MN; Robinson, S; Briffa, T; Duffy, SJ; Nelson, M; Beltrame, J; Cullen, L; Chew, D; Smith, J; Brieger, D; Macdonald, P; Liew, D; Reid, C
2022-01-01Collectively creating conditions that nurture: The Bushland as metaphor for the academic ecosystem.Ahuja, S; Gavin, M; Faulkner, S; Hassanli, N; Hergesell, A; Jarvis, W; Jasovska, P; Kaya, E; Klettner, A; Liu, H; Small, J; Walker, C; Weatherall, R; Robinson, S; Bristow, A; Ratle, O
2023-03Community in the pandemic: experiences and strategies by people with acquired brain injury and their families during COVID-19.Bellon, M; Idle, J; Lay, K; Robinson, S
2020Community pharmacist workflow: Space for Pharmacy-Based Interventions and Consultation TimE (SPICE) study protocolKaria, AM; Balane, C; Norman, R; Robinson, S; Lehnbom, E; Durakovic, I; Laba, T-L; Joshi, R; Webster, R
2021-05-01Disability and family violence prevention: A case study on participation in evidence makingRobinson, S; valentine, K; Idle, J
2021-10-25Essential outcomes for COP26.Smith, P; Beaumont, L; Bernacchi, CJ; Byrne, M; Cheung, W; Conant, RT; Cotrufo, F; Feng, X; Janssens, I; Jones, H; Kirschbaum, MUF; Kobayashi, K; LaRoche, J; Luo, Y; McKechnie, A; Penuelas, J; Piao, S; Robinson, S; Sage, RF; Sugget, DJ; Thackeray, SJ; Way, D; Long, SP
2015-01-01Future Leaders of the American Real Estate Society: Organizers' noteSanderford, D; Christensen, P; Gabe, J; Robinson, S
2021-01-01Institutional investor motivation, processes, and expectations for sustainable building investmentChristensen, PH; Robinson, S; Simons, R
2022-09-01Involving people with intellectual disability in setting priorities for building community inclusion at a local government levelRobinson, S; Carnemolla, P; Lay, K; Kelly, J
2023-01-01Loneliness and how to counter it: People with intellectual disability share their experiences and ideasRobinson, S; Idle, J
2022-03-02Pharmacist's time spent: Space for Pharmacy-based Interventions and Consultation TimE (SPICE)-an observational time and motion study.Karia, A; Norman, R; Robinson, S; Lehnbom, E; Laba, T-L; Durakovic, I; Balane, C; Joshi, R; Webster, R
2020-01Predictors of Adherence to Self-Care in Rural Patients With Heart Failure.Biddle, MJ; Moser, DK; Pelter, MM; Robinson, S; Dracup, K
2021-03-04Public Preferences for Allocating Ventilators in an Intensive Care Unit: A Discrete Choice ExperimentNorman, R; Robinson, S; Dickinson, H; Williams, I; Meshcheriakova, E; Manipis, K; Anstey, M
2023-10-07Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) in New South Wales: Analysis of the National Disability Insurance Agency SDA-Enrolled Dwelling DatasetCarnemolla, P; Gill-Finnegan, T; Herath, S; Ghosh, S; Taylor, M; Callaway, L; Robinson, S; Darcy, S; Wiesel, I; Council for Intellectual Disability
2022-10-01The Association between Parental Educational Expectations and School Functioning among Young People with Disabilities: A Longitudinal InvestigationO’Donnell, AW; Redmond, G; Arciuli, J; Robinson, S; Skattebol, J; Raghavendra, P; Thomson, C; Wang, JJJ; Emerson, E
2023-01-01THE RIGHT TO SAFETY: Promoting the Authority of Disabled Children to Tackle Rights ResistanceRobinson, S; Idle, J
2021-07Towards inclusive cities and social sustainability: A scoping review of initiatives to support the inclusion of people with intellectual disability in civic and social activitiesCarnemolla, P; Robinson, S; Lay, K