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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1991-01-01Adjusting for age‐related competing mortality in long‐term cancer clinical trialsCheuvart, B; Ryan, L
2004Ambient, indoor and personal exposure relationships of volatile organic compounds in Mexico City Metropolitan AreaSerrano-Trespalacios, P; Ryan, L; Spengler, J
1995-12-01Analysis of competing risks survival data when some failure types are missingGoetghebeur, E; Ryan, L
2000-01-01Analysis of dichotomous outcome data for community intervention studiesBellamy, SL; Gibberd, R; Hancock, L; Howley, P; Kennedy, B; Klar, N; Lipsitz, S; Ryan, L
2007-03-01Arsenic methylation, GSTT1, GSTM1, GSTP1 polymorphisms, and skin lesionsMcCarty, KM; Chen, YC; Quamruzzaman, Q; Rahman, M; Mahiuddin, G; Hsueh, YM; Su, L; Smith, T; Ryan, L; Christiani, DC
2001-09-17Association of DDT with spontaneous abortion: A case-control studyKorrick, SA; Chen, C; Damokosh, AI; Ni, J; Liu, X; Cho, SI; Altshul, L; Ryan, L; Xu, X
2002-01-01Autocorrelation in real-time continuous monitoring of microenvironmentsHouseman, EA; Ryan, L; Levy, JI; Spengler, JD
2002-01-01Bottle feeding in the bed or crib before sleep time and wheezing in early childhood.Celedón, JC; Litonjua, AA; Ryan, L; Weiss, ST; Gold, DR
2002-08-01Caretaker-child concordance for child's exposure to violence in a preadolescent inner-city populationThomson, CC; Roberts, K; Curran, A; Ryan, L; Wright, RJ
2005-12-01A case-cohort design for assessing covariate effects in longitudinal studiesPfeiffer, RM; Ryan, L; Litonjua, A; Pee, D
2007-03-06A case-control study of GST polymorphisms and arsenic related skin lesionsMcCarty, KM; Ryan, L; Houseman, EA; Williams, PL; Miller, DP; Quamruzzaman, Q; Rahman, M; Mahiuddin, G; Smith, T; Gonzalez, E; Su, L; Christiani, DC
2011-03-01Children's exposure to violence and distress symptoms: Influence of caretakers' psychological functioningSuglia, SF; Ryan, L; Bellinger, DC; Bosquet Enlow, M; Wright, RJ
2023-08-01Climate transition risk in sovereign bond marketsCollender, S; Gan, B; Nikitopoulos, CS; Richards, KA; Ryan, L
2008-02-28Combining data from multiple sources, with applications to environmental risk assessmentRyan, L
2019-08-30Comparing predictive abilities of longitudinal child growth modelsAnderson, C; Hafen, R; Sofrygin, O; Ryan, L
2008-12-01Creation of a community violence exposure scale: Accounting for what, who, where, and how oftenSuglia, SF; Ryan, L; Wright, RJ
1996-12-01Design of multiple binary outcome studies with intentionally missing dataWilliams, P; Ryan, L
2016-08-01Determining the effect of vein visualization technology on donation success, vasovagal symptoms, anxiety and intention to re-donate in whole blood donors aged 18–30 years: A randomized controlled trialWaller, D; Mondy, P; Brama, T; Fisher, J; King, A; Malkov, K; Wall-Smith, D; Ryan, L; Irving, DO
2004-01-30Do recent data from the Seychelles Islands alter the conclusions of the NRC report on the toxicological effects of methylmercury?Stern, AH; Jacobson, JL; Ryan, L; Burke, TA
1999-09-06Dose-rate effects of ethylene oxide exposure on developmental toxicityWeller, E; Long, N; Smith, A; Williams, P; Ravi, S; Gill, J; Henessey, R; Skornik, W; Brain, J; Kimmel, C; Kimmel, G; Holmes, L; Ryan, L