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Jan-2009Apoptosis in experimental NASH is associated with p53 activation and TRAIL receptor expression.Farrell, G; Larter, C; Hou, JY; Zhang, RH; Yeh, MM; Williams, J; Pena, A; Francisco, R; Osvath, SR; Brooling, J; Teoh, N; Sedger, LM
Jan-2013B-lymphopoiesis Is Stopped By Mobilizing Doses Of G-CSF And Is Rescued By Overexpression Of The Anti-apoptotic Protein Bcl2Winkler, I; Bendall, LJ; Forristal, C; Helwani, F; Nowlan, B; Barbier, V; Shen, Y; Cisterne, A; Sedger, LM; Levesque, J
Jan-2002Bone marrow B cell apoptosis during in vivo influenza virus infection requires TNF-alpha and lymphotoxin-alpha.Sedger, LM; Hou, S; Osvath, SR; Glaccum, MB; Peschon, JJ; van Rooije, N; Hyland, L
Jan-2002Characterization of the in vivo function of TNF-alpha-related apoptosis-inducing ligand, TRAIL/Apo2L, using TRAIL/Apo2L gene-deficient mice.Sedger, LM; Glaccum, MB; Schuh, JC; Kanaly, ST; Williamson, E; Kayagaki, N; Yun, T; Smolak, S; Le, T; Goodwin, R; Gliniak, B
4-Aug-2014Cytokines and cytokine receptors as immunotherapeutics: humble beginnings and exciting futures.Sedger, LM; Seddiki, N; Ranasinghe, C
Jan-1997Distinct domains of M-T2, the myxoma virus tumor necrosis factor (TNF) receptor homolog, mediate extracellular TNF binding and intracellular apoptosis inhibitionSchreiber, M; Sedger, LM; McFadden, GD
Jan-2010Extreme lymphoproliferative disease and fatal autoimmune thrombocytopenia in FasL and TRAIL double-deficient mice.Sedger, LM; Katewa, A; Pettersen, AK; Osvath, SO; Farrell, G; Stewart, G; Bendall, LJ; Alexander, SI
Jan-1999IFN-gamma mediates a novel antiviral activity through dynamic modulation of TRAIL and TRAIL receptor expressionSedger, LM; Shows, DM; Blanton, RA; Peschon, JJ; Goodwin, R; Cosman, D; Wiley, SR
16-May-2016Lipidomic Profiling of Adipose Tissue Reveals an Inflammatory Signature in Cancer-Related and Primary Lymphedema.Sedger, LM; Tull, DL; McConville, MJ; De Souza, DP; Rupasinghe, TWT; Williams, SJ; Dayalan, S; Lanzer, D; Mackie, H; Lam, TC; Boyages, J
2016Live-cell imaging to detect phosphatidylserine externalization in brain endothelial cells exposed to ionizing radiation: implications for the treatment of brain arteriovenous malformationsZhao, Z; Johnson, MS; Chen, B; Grace, M; Ukath, J; Lee, VS; McRobb, LS; Sedger, LM; Stoodley, MA
Jan-1996M-T2: A poxvirus TNF receptor homologue with dual activitiesSedger, LM; McFadden, G
Dec-2013microRNA control of interferons and interferon induced anti-viral activity.Sedger, LM
Jan-1999Monocyte-mediated tumoricidal activity via the tumor necrosis factor-related cytokine, TRAILGriffin, TS; Wiley, SR; Kubin, MZ; Sedger, LM; Mailszewski, CR; Fanger, NA
Jan-1997Myxoma T2 protein as a model for poxvirus TNF receptor homologsMcFadden, GI; Schreiber, M; Sedger, LM; NA
Jan-2012P14ARF Post-transcriptional Regulation Of Nuclear Cyclin D1 In Mcf-7 Breast Cancer Cells: Discrimination Between A Good And Bad Prognosis?McGowan, EM; Tran, NT; Alling, N; Yagoub, D; Sedger, LM; Martiniello-Wilks, R
Jan-2006Poxvirus Tumor Necrosis Factor Receptor (TNFR)-Like T2 Proteins Contain a Conserved Preligand Assembly Domain That Inhibits Cellular TNFR1-Induced Cell DeathSedger, LM; Osvath, SO; Xu, M; Li, G; Chan, FK; Barrett, JW; McFadden, GD
Jan-2004Regulation of antigen processing and presentation molecules in West Nile virus-infected human skin fibroblasts.Arnold, S; Osvath, SR; Hall, R; King, N; Sedger, LM
Jan-2000Reversible defects in natural killer and memory CD8 T cell lineages in interleukin 15-deficient miceKennedy, MK; Glaccum, M; Brown, SN; Butz, EA; Viney, JL; Embers, M; Matsuki, N; Charrier, K; Sedger, LM; Willis, CR; Brasel, K; Morrissey, PJ; Stocking, K; Schuh, JC; Joyce, S; Peschon, JJ
Jan-2009A Synthetically Simple, Click-Generated Cyclam-Based Zinc(II) SensorTamanini, E; Katewa, A; Sedger, LM; Todd, M; Watkinson, M
26-Apr-2017Therapeutic Antibody‚ÄźBased Drugs in the Treatment of Human Inflammatory DisordersSedger, LM; Ranasinghe, C; McDermott, MF; Asvadi, P; Metodiev, K