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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-05-18A robust online energy management strategy for fuel cell/battery hybrid electric vehiclesWu, J; Zhang, N; Tan, D; Chang, J; Shi, W
2021-07Blockade of the co-inhibitory molecule PD-1 unleashes ILC2-dependent antitumor immunity in melanoma.Jacquelot, N; Seillet, C; Wang, M; Pizzolla, A; Liao, Y; Hediyeh-Zadeh, S; Grisaru-Tal, S; Louis, C; Huang, Q; Schreuder, J; Souza-Fonseca-Guimaraes, F; de Graaf, CA; Thia, K; Macdonald, S; Camilleri, M; Luong, K; Zhang, S; Chopin, M; Molden-Hauer, T; Nutt, SL; Umansky, V; Ciric, B; Groom, JR; Foster, PS; Hansbro, PM; McKenzie, ANJ; Gray, DHD; Behren, A; Cebon, J; Vivier, E; Wicks, IP; Trapani, JA; Munitz, A; Davis, MJ; Shi, W; Neeson, PJ; Belz, GT
2018-10-01Deep feature learning via structured graph Laplacian embedding for person re-identificationCheng, D; Gong, Y; Chang, X; Shi, W; Hauptmann, A; Zheng, N
2022-09-01Determinants of dynamic dependence between the crude oil and tanker freight markets: A mixed-frequency data sampling copula modelShi, W; Gong, Y; Yin, J; Nguyen, S; Liu, Q
2023-01Directional methanolysis of kitchen waste for the co-production of methyl levulinate and fatty acid methyl esters: Catalytic strategy and machine learning modeling.Zhang, L; Xing, X; Liu, Y; Shi, W; Wang, M
2020Dredas: Decentralized, reliable and efficient remote outsourced data auditing scheme with blockchain smart contract for industrial IoTFan, K; Bao, Z; Liu, M; Vasilakos, AV; Shi, W
2023Educational Interventions for Medical Students to Improve Pharmacological Knowledge and Prescribing Skills: A Scoping Review.Shi, W; Qin, H; Vaughan, B; Ng, L
2021-04-06Effective Brain State Estimation During Propofol-Induced Sedation Using Advanced EEG Microstate Spectral Analysis.Li, Y; Shi, W; Liu, Z; Li, J; Wang, Q; Yan, X; Cao, Z; Wang, G
2022-11-01Efficient federated multi-view learningHuang, S; Shi, W; Xu, Z; Tsang, IW; Lv, J
2019-02-01Enhanced phosphate removal by zeolite loaded with Mg–Al–La ternary (hydr)oxides from aqueous solutions: Performance and mechanismShi, W; Fu, Y; Jiang, W; Ye, Y; Kang, J; Liu, D; Ren, Y; Li, D; Luo, C; Xu, Z
2017-01-01Extracting keyphrases using heterogeneous word relationsShi, W; Liu, Z; Zheng, W; Yu, JX
2023-03Field-dependent deep learning enables high-throughput whole-cell 3D super-resolution imaging.Fu, S; Shi, W; Luo, T; He, Y; Zhou, L; Yang, J; Yang, Z; Liu, J; Liu, X; Guo, Z; Yang, C; Liu, C; Huang, Z-L; Ries, J; Zhang, M; Xi, P; Jin, D; Li, Y
2017-01-01Keyphrase extraction using knowledge graphsShi, W; Zheng, W; Yu, JX; Cheng, H; Zou, L
2017-10-01Measurement matters: A systematic review of waist measurement sites for determining central adiposityShi, W; Neubeck, L; Gallagher, R
2017-01-02A new mixing technique for solidifier and dredged fill in coastal areaShi, W; Chen, Q; Nimbalkar, S; Liu, W
2019-04-20Preferable phosphate removal by nano-La(III) hydroxides modified mesoporous rice husk biochars: Role of the host pore structure and point of zero chargeTang, Q; Shi, C; Shi, W; Huang, X; Ye, Y; Jiang, W; Kang, J; Liu, D; Ren, Y; Li, D
2022-01-15Ratiometric 4Pi single-molecule localization with optimal resolution and color assignment.Chen, J; Yao, B; Yang, Z; Shi, W; Luo, T; Xi, P; Jin, D; Li, Y
2021-05-01Reliability of EEG microstate analysis at different electrode densities during propofol-induced transitions of brain states.Zhang, K; Shi, W; Wang, C; Li, Y; Liu, Z; Liu, T; Li, J; Yan, X; Wang, Q; Cao, Z; Wang, G
2022-10-04Single-cell profiling of peripheral neuroblastic tumors identifies an aggressive transitional state that bridges an adrenergic-mesenchymal trajectory.Yuan, X; Seneviratne, JA; Du, S; Xu, Y; Chen, Y; Jin, Q; Jin, X; Balachandran, A; Huang, S; Xu, Y; Zhai, Y; Lu, L; Tang, M; Dong, Y; Cheung, BB; Marshall, GM; Shi, W; Carter, DR; Zhang, C
2022Solving the last mile problem in logistics: A mobile edge computing and blockchain-based unmanned aerial vehicle delivery systemLi, X; Gong, L; Liu, X; Jiang, F; Shi, W; Fan, L; Gao, H; Li, R; Xu, J