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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-10-07Atomically Thin Boron Nitride as an Ideal Spacer for Metal-Enhanced Fluorescence.Gan, W; Tserkezis, C; Cai, Q; Falin, A; Mateti, S; Nguyen, M; Aharonovich, I; Watanabe, K; Taniguchi, T; Huang, F; Song, L; Kong, L; Chen, Y; Li, LH
2022-12-01Coherence Properties of Electron-Beam-Activated Emitters in Hexagonal Boron Nitride under Resonant ExcitationHorder, J; White, SJU; Gale, A; Li, C; Watanabe, K; Taniguchi, T; Kianinia, M; Aharonovich, I; Toth, M
2018-07-25Effects of High-Energy Electron Irradiation on Quantum Emitters in Hexagonal Boron NitrideNgoc My Duong, H; Nguyen, MAP; Kianinia, M; Ohshima, T; Abe, H; Watanabe, K; Taniguchi, T; Edgar, JH; Aharonovich, I; Toth, M
2016-09-28Electron beam directed etching of hexagonal boron nitrideElbadawi, C; Tran, TT; Kolíbal, M; Šikola, T; Scott, J; Cai, Q; Li, LH; Taniguchi, T; Watanabe, K; Toth, M; Aharonovich, I; Lobo, C
2021-10-06Generation of High-Density Quantum Emitters in High-Quality, Exfoliated Hexagonal Boron Nitride.Chen, Y; Li, C; White, S; Nonahal, M; Xu, Z-Q; Watanabe, K; Taniguchi, T; Toth, M; Tran, TT; Aharonovich, I
2018-08-08Internal Nanostructure Diagnosis with Hyperbolic Phonon Polaritons in Hexagonal Boron NitrideDai, S; Tymchenko, M; Xu, ZQ; Tran, TT; Yang, Y; Ma, Q; Watanabe, K; Taniguchi, T; Jarillo-Herrero, P; Aharonovich, I; Basov, DN; Tao, TH; Alù, A
2021-05-25Near-Field Excited Archimedean-like Tiling Patterns in Phonon-Polaritonic Crystals.Yang, J; Krix, ZE; Kim, S; Tang, J; Mayyas, M; Wang, Y; Watanabe, K; Taniguchi, T; Li, LH; Hamilton, AR; Aharonovich, I; Sushkov, OP; Kalantar-Zadeh, K
2018-12-01Photonic crystal cavities from hexagonal boron nitrideKim, S; Fröch, JE; Christian, J; Straw, M; Bishop, J; Totonjian, D; Watanabe, K; Taniguchi, T; Toth, M; Aharonovich, I
2015-05-13Profound effect of substrate hydroxylation and hydration on electronic and optical properties of monolayer MoS<inf>2</inf>Zheng, C; Xu, ZQ; Zhang, Q; Edmonds, MT; Watanabe, K; Taniguchi, T; Bao, Q; Fuhrer, MS
2016-03-10Quantum Emission from Defects in Single-Crystalline Hexagonal Boron NitrideTran, TT; Zachreson, C; Berhane, AM; Bray, K; Sandstrom, RG; Li, LH; Taniguchi, T; Watanabe, K; Aharonovich, I; Toth, M
2020-01-16Second harmonic generation in defective hexagonal boron nitride.Cunha, R; Cadore, A; Ramos, SLLM; Watanabe, K; Taniguchi, T; Kim, S; Solntsev, AS; Aharonovich, I; Malard, LM
2022-06-15Site-Specific Fabrication of Blue Quantum Emitters in Hexagonal Boron NitrideGale, A; Li, C; Chen, Y; Watanabe, K; Taniguchi, T; Aharonovich, I; Toth, M
2022-10-01Zero-field superconducting diode effect in small-twist-angle trilayer grapheneLin, JX; Siriviboon, P; Scammell, HD; Liu, S; Rhodes, D; Watanabe, K; Taniguchi, T; Hone, J; Scheurer, MS; Li, JIA