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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2012ASSURANCE OF LEARNING - ARE ACADEMICS AND SENIOR LEADERS SINGING FROM THE SAME HYMN SHEET?Lawson, RJ; Taylor, T; Herbert, J; Fallshaw, E; French, E; Hall, C; Kinash, S; Summers, J; Chova, LG; Torres, IC; Martinez, AL
2014Beyond the Stadium: Football World Cup Fan Fests and Global Live SitesEisenhauer, S; Adair, D; Taylor, T; Frawley, S; Adair, D
15-Dec-2016‘But I can do the job’: examining disability employment practice through human rights complaint casesDarcy, SA; Taylor, T; Green, J
Jan-2010Decentralize, adapt and cooperateSagarin, RD; Alcorta, CS; Atran, S; Blumstein, DT; Dietl, GP; Hochberg, ME; Johnson, DD; Levin, S; Madin, EM; Madin, JS; Prescott, EM; Sosis, R; Taylor, T; Tooby, J; Vermeij, GJ
1-Jan-2015The development of female Muslim life-saversMaxwell, H; Foley, C; Taylor, T; Burton, C
1-Jan-2017Enabling Inclusive Sport Participation: Effects of Disability and Support Needs on Constraints to Sport ParticipationDarcy, SA; Lock, D; Taylor, T
1-Jul-2012Exploring the development of team identificationLock, D; Taylor, T; Funk, D; Darcy, S
19-Feb-2014Fifa-isation: Spatial security, sponsor protection and media management at the 2010 World CupEisenhauer, S; Adair, D; Taylor, T
2014'Game over': Indigenous Australian sportsmen and athletic retirementStronach, M; Adair, D; Taylor, T
1-Jan-2015Hunting and gathering: new imperatives in mapping and collecting student learning data to assure quality outcomesLawson, R; Taylor, T; French, E; Fallshaw, E; Hall, C; Kinash, S; Summers, J
Jan-2011The Janus face of diversity in Australian sportTaylor, TL; Lock, DJ; Darcy, SA; Toohey, K; Taylor, T
21-Mar-2001Netball in Australia: A Social HistoryTaylor, T
1-Jan-2014Pasifika diaspora and the changing face of Australian rugby leagueLakisa, D; Adair, D; Taylor, T
1-Jan-2014The practice of quality in assuring learning in higher educationFrench, E; Summers, J; Kinash, S; Lawson, R; Taylor, T; Herbert, J; Fallshaw, E; Hall, C
2-Jan-2016‘Sistas’ and Aunties: sport, physical activity, and Indigenous Australian womenStronach, M; Maxwell, H; Taylor, T
Jan-2011Sport in Australia: 'worth a shout'Toohey, KM; Taylor, TL; Toohey, K; Taylor, T
Jan-2014Sport Sponsorship Alliances: Relationship Management for Shared ValueMorgan, A; Adair, D; Taylor, T; Hermens, A
7-Aug-2015Tension within Inter-organizational Alliances: A Sponsorship Case StudyMorgan, AA; Taylor, T; Adair, D; Hermens, A