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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005-07-01Adolescent sport, recreation and physical education: Experiences of recent arrivals to CanadaTaylor, T; Doherty, A
2012-01-01ASSURANCE OF LEARNING - ARE ACADEMICS AND SENIOR LEADERS SINGING FROM THE SAME HYMN SHEET?Lawson, RJ; Taylor, T; Herbert, J; Fallshaw, E; French, E; Hall, C; Kinash, S; Summers, J; Chova, LG; Torres, IC; Martinez, AL
2018-01-01The Australian Sport IndustryTaylor, T; Morgan, A; Zhang, JJ; Huang, RH; Nauright, J
2001-01-01Behind the veil: Exploring the recreation needs of muslim womenTaylor, T; Toohey, K
2014-12-02Beyond the stadium: Football world cup fan fests and global live sitesEisenhauer, S; Adair, D; Taylor, T
2011-10-01Board roles and strategic orientation among Taiwanese nonprofit sport organisationsYeh, CM; Hoye, R; Taylor, T
2009-05-01Board roles in organisations with a dual board system: Empirical evidence from Taiwanese nonprofit sport organisationsYeh, CM; Taylor, T; Hoye, R
2016-10-20‘But I can do the job’: examining disability employment practice through human rights complaint casesDarcy, S; Taylor, T; Green, J
2020Contestation, disruption and legitimization in women’s rugby leagueTaylor, T; O’Connor, D; Hanlon, C
2018-10-02Critical Factors Affecting Stadiums SecurityFaraji, R; Hemmatinezhad, M; Taylor, T
2005-08-01Critical reflections on the economic impact assessment of a mega-event: The case of 2002 FIFA World CupLee, CK; Taylor, T
2010-09-01A culture of trust: Engaging muslim women in community sport organizationsMaxwell, H; Taylor, T
2010-05-20Decentralize, adapt and cooperate.Sagarin, RD; Alcorta, CS; Atran, S; Blumstein, DT; Dietl, GP; Hochberg, ME; Johnson, DDP; Levin, S; Madin, EMP; Madin, JS; Prescott, EM; Sosis, R; Taylor, T; Tooby, J; Vermeij, GJ
2015-01-01The development of female Muslim life-saversMaxwell, H; Foley, C; Taylor, T; Burton, C
2009-10-01Disability citizenship: An Australian human rights analysis of the cultural industriesDarcy, S; Taylor, T
2019-08-13Empowering Voices from the Past: The Playing Experiences of Retired Pasifika Rugby League Athletes in AustraliaLakisa, D; Teaiwa, K; Adair, D; Taylor, T
2017-01-02Enabling Inclusive Sport Participation: Effects of Disability and Support Needs on Constraints to Sport ParticipationDarcy, S; Lock, D; Taylor, T
2011-11-01Ensuring safety at Australian sport event precincts: Creating securitised, sanitised and stifling spaces?Taylor, T; Toohey, K
2006-11-01Exploring Human Resource Management Practices in Nonprofit Sport OrganisationsTaylor, T; McGraw, P
2012-01-01Exploring the development of team identificationLock, D; Taylor, T; Funk, D; Darcy, S