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2014-12-01Barriers to obtaining a driving licence in regional and remote areas of Western NSWHinchcliff, R; Wilkinson, R; Thompson, J; Higgins-Whitton, L; Ma, A; Holloway, L; Kurti, L; Rendel, P; Grant, J; Walker, E
2023-10Clinical and imaging modality factors impacting radiological interpretation of breast screening in young women with neurofibromatosis type 1.Wilding, M; Fleming, J; Moore, K; Crook, A; Reddy, R; Choi, S; Schlub, TE; Field, M; Thiyagarajan, L; Thompson, J; Berman, Y
2023-12-06Clinical Trial Protocol for PRIMARY2: A Multicentre, Phase 3, Randomised Controlled Trial Investigating the Additive Diagnostic Value of [68Ga]Ga-PSMA-11 Positron Emission Tomography/Computed Tomography in Men with Negative or Equivocal Multiparametric Magnetic Resonance Imaging for the Diagnosis of Clinically Significant Prostate Cancer.Buteau, JP; Moon, D; Fahey, MT; Roberts, MJ; Thompson, J; Murphy, DG; Papa, N; Mitchell, C; De Abreu Lourenco, R; Dhillon, HM; Kasivisvanathan, V; Francis, RJ; Stricker, P; Agrawal, S; O'Brien, J; McVey, A; Sharma, G; Levy, S; Ayati, N; Nguyen, A; Lee, S-F; Pattison, DA; Sivaratnam, D; Frydenberg, M; Du, Y; Titus, J; Lee, S-T; Ischia, J; Jack, G; Hofman, MS; Emmett, L
2008-10-01Correct identification of a sentinel node postselective lymphadenectomy using antimony levelsMoncrieff, M; Scolyer, R; Thompson, J; Beavis, A; Uren, R; Stretch, J
2010-03-18Critical illness due to 2009 A/H1N1 influenza in pregnant and postpartum women: population based cohort studySeppelt, I; Sullivan, E; Bellomo, R; Ellwood, D; Finfer, S; Howe, B; Knight, M; McArthur, C; McDonnell, N; McLintock, C; Morgan, TJ; Morrison, S; Nguyen, N; Peek, MJ; Pollock, W; Vaughan, G; Wang, YA; Web, SAR; Pettila, V; Bailey, M; Cooper, DJ; Cretikos, M; Davies, AR; Harrigan, PWJ; Hart, GK; Iredell, J; Mitchell, I; Nichol, A; Paterson, DL; Peake, S; Richards, B; Stephens, D; Turner, A; Yung, M; Homer, C; Pulver, LJ; Elliot, E; Ho, T; Thompson, J; Zurynski, Y; Callaway, L; Welsh, A; Oats, J; Gupta, B; Hague, W; McKee, A; McGuinness, S; Parke, R; Whitley, A; Newby, L; Simmonds, C; Eastwood, G; Peck, L; Fletcher, J; Boschert, C; Smith, J; Bennett, G; Ong, L; Nand, K; Reece, G; Sara, T; Ernest, D; Eliott, S; Sidhu, J; Carroll, A; Richmond, S; Wenck, D; Bishop, G; Ashley, R; Crowfoot, E; Henderson, S; Mehrtens, J; Fizzell, J; Faithfull, S; Baynes, T; Bersten, A; Ryan, E; Scroggs, S; Blythe, D; Palermo, A; Bortz, P; Lodding, K; Mott, M; Vagg, S; Frengley, R; Haslam, A; La Pine, M; Bingham, T; Cavill, D; Jennings, B; Parr, M; Micallef, S; Chaplin, J; Gregory, K; Presneill, J; Sutton, J; Horsley, C; Tai, J; Tilsley, A; Crozier, T; Galt, P; Reilly, M; Rockell, J; Hoyling, L; Weisbrodt, L; Bell, J; Flanagan, A; Laing, J; Duke, G; Parkes, M; Carr, J; Lambert, J; Boots, R; Lassig-Smith, M; McLaine, J; Thomas, J; Winter, S; Barge, D; Caf, T; Harley, N; MacIsaac, C; Bird, S; Raper, R; Chamberlain, J; Gould, A; McEntaggart, G; Gattas, D; Rajbhandari, D; Rees, C; Baker, S; Bicknell, A; Roberts, B; Nair, P; Reynolds, C; Evans, J; Gordon, G; Jones, L; Radtke, S; Andrews, L; Elder, R; Hicks, P; Mackle, D; Boyd, R; Mudaliar, Y; Nayyar, V; Skelly, C; Stachowski, E; Sterba, M; Johnson, B; Robinson, J
2009Elemental bio-imaging of melanoma in lymph node biopsiesHare, D; Burger, F; Austin, C; Fryer, F; Grimm, R; Reedy, B; Scolyer, R; Thompson, J; Doble, P
2017-02-01Evidence-based occupational therapy for people with dementia and their families: What clinical practice guidelines tell us and implications for practiceLaver, K; Cumming, R; Dyer, S; Agar, M; Anstey, KJ; Beattie, E; Brodaty, H; Broe, T; Clemson, L; Crotty, M; Dietz, M; Draper, B; Flicker, L; Friel, M; Heuzenroeder, L; Koch, S; Kurrle, S; Nay, R; Pond, D; Thompson, J; Santalucia, Y; Whitehead, C; Yates, M
2020-01-16Extracellular vesicles: the next generation of biomarkers for liquid biopsy-based prostate cancer diagnosis.Pang, B; Zhu, Y; Ni, J; Thompson, J; Malouf, D; Bucci, J; Graham, P; Li, Y
2004Failure to remove true sentinel nodes can cause failure of the sentinel node biopsy technique: evidence from antimony concentrations in false-negative sentinel nodes from melanoma patientsScolyer, R; Thompson, J; Li, L; Beavis, A; Dawson, M; Doble, P; Ka, V; Mckinnon, J; Soper, R; Uren, R; Shaw, H; Stretch, J; McCarthy, S
2020-09Interim guidance for health-care professionals and administrators providing hospital care to adult patients with cognitive impairment, in the context of COVID-19 pandemic.Martin-Khan, M; Bail, K; Yates, MW; Thompson, J; Graham, F; Cognitive Impairment and COVID-19, Hospital Care Guidance Committee,
2010-03Meta-analysis provides evidence-based effect sizes for a cancer-specific quality-of-life questionnaire, the FACT-G.King, MT; Stockler, MR; Cella, DF; Osoba, D; Eton, DT; Thompson, J; Eisenstein, AR
2020Oncological and Quality-of-life Outcomes Following Focal Irreversible Electroporation as Primary Treatment for Localised Prostate Cancer: A Biopsy-monitored Prospective Cohort.Blazevski, A; Scheltema, MJ; Yuen, B; Masand, N; Nguyen, TV; Delprado, W; Shnier, R; Haynes, A-M; Cusick, T; Thompson, J; Stricker, P
2004-01Patients Regularly Leave Emergency Departments Before Medical Assessment: A Study of Did Not Wait Patients, Medical Profile and Outcome Characteristics.Fry, M; Thompson, J; Chan, A
2023-02-20PRIMARY2: A phase III, multi-centre, randomised controlled trial investigating the additive diagnostic value of [68Ga]Ga-PSMA-11 PET/CT in men with negative/equivocal MRI in the diagnosis of clinically significant prostate cancer.Buteau, JP; Moon, D; Fahey, MT; Roberts, M; Thompson, J; Murphy, DG; Papa, N; Mitchell, C; Kasivisvanathan, V; Stricker, P; O'Brien, J; Counter, W; Sharma, G; Agrawal, S; Ho, B; Yeung, T; De Abreu Lourenço, R
2020-01Quality Assessment and Comparison of Plasma-Derived Extracellular Vesicles Separated by Three Commercial Kits for Prostate Cancer Diagnosis.Pang, B; Zhu, Y; Ni, J; Ruan, J; Thompson, J; Malouf, D; Bucci, J; Graham, P; Li, Y
2023-04-28The relationship between biochemical recurrence and number of lymph nodes removed during surgery for localized prostate cancer.Doan, P; Katelaris, A; Scheltema, MJ; Hayen, A; Amin, A; Siriwardana, A; Tran, M; Geboers, B; Gondoputro, W; Haynes, AM; Matthews, J; Delprado, W; Stricker, PD; Thompson, J