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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-07-04A Review on Effects of Lubricant Formulations on Tribological Performance and Boundary Lubrication Mechanisms of Non-Doped DLC/DLC ContactsZahid, R; Hassan, MBH; Varman, M; Mufti, RA; Kalam, MA; Zulkifli, NWBM; Gulzar, M
2016-01-01An overview of geometrical parameters of surface texturing for piston/cylinder assembly and mechanical sealsAhmed, A; Masjuki, HH; Varman, M; Kalam, MA; Habibullah, M; Al Mahmud, KAH
2016-07-01An overview on comparative engine performance and emission characteristics of different techniques involved in diesel engine as dual-fuel engine operationAbedin, MJ; Imran, A; Masjuki, HH; Kalam, MA; Shahir, SA; Varman, M; Ruhul, AM
2017-01-01Antiwear behavior of CuO nanoparticles as additive in bio-based lubricantGulzar, M; Masjuki, HH; Kalam, MA; Varman, M; Zulkifli, NWM
2017-01-01Chemically active oil filter to develop detergent free bio-based lubrication for diesel engineGulzar, M; Masjuki, HH; Alabdulkarem, A; Kalam, MA; Varman, M; Zulkifli, NWM; Zahid, R; Yunus, R
2021-08-01Comparative Studies of Piston Crown Coating with YSZ and Al2O3·SiO2 on Engine out Responses Using Conventional Diesel and Palm Oil BiodieselRamasamy, N; Kalam, MA; Varman, M; Teoh, YH
2021-09-01Conversion of bio-jet fuel from palm kernel oil and its blending effect with jet A-1 fuelWhy, ESK; Ong, HC; Lee, HV; Chen, WH; Asikin-Mijan, N; Varman, M
2017-07-04Dispersion Stability and Tribological Characteristics of TiO<inf>2</inf>/SiO<inf>2</inf> Nanocomposite-Enriched Biobased LubricantGulzar, M; Masjuki, HH; Kalam, MA; Varman, M; Zulkifli, NWM; Mufti, RA; Zahid, R; Yunus, R
2016-07-14Effect of change in temperature on the tribological performance of micro surface textured DLC coatingArslan, A; Masjuki, HH; Varman, M; Kalam, MA; Quazi, MM; Mosarof, MH
2021-06-01Effect of thermal barrier coating on the performance and emissions of diesel engine operated with conventional diesel and palm oil biodieselRamasamy, N; Kalam, MA; Varman, M; Teoh, YH
2016-09-15Effects of biodiesel blends on lubricating oil degradation and piston assembly energy lossesGulzar, M; Masjuki, HH; Varman, M; Kalam, MA; Zulkifli, NWM; Mufti, RA; Liaquat, AM; Zahid, R; Arslan, A
2015-01-15Evaluation of combustion, performance, and emissions of optimum palm-coconut blend in turbocharged and non-turbocharged conditions of a diesel engineArbab, MI; Varman, M; Masjuki, HH; Kalam, MA; Imtenan, S; Sajjad, H; Rizwanul Fattah, IM
2019-09-13Experimental investigation of tribological properties of laser textured tungsten doped diamond like carbon coating under dry sliding conditions at various loadsArslan, A; Masjuki, HH; Quazi, MM; Kalam, MA; Varman, M; Jamshaid, M; Rahman, SMA; Imran, M; Zulfattah, ZM; Anwar, MT; Gohar, GA; Mandalan, SM; Harith, MH
2021-11-26Friction and Wear Performance Evaluation of Bio-Lubricants and DLC Coatings on Cam/Tappet Interface of Internal Combustion Engines.Zahid, R; Bhutta, MU; Mufti, RA; Abdullah, MU; Masjuki, HH; Varman, M; Kalam, MA; Ali, MA; Aslam, J; Akhtar, K
2016-07-14Influence of intrinsic and extrinsic conditions on the tribological characteristics of diamond-like carbon coatings: A reviewZahid, R; Masjuki, HH; Varman, M; Kalam, MA; Mufti, RA; Mohd Zulkifli, NWB; Gulzar, M; Nor Azman, SSB
2017-08-15Investigation of laser texture density and diameter on the tribological behavior of hydrogenated DLC coating with line contact configurationArslan, A; Masjuki, HH; Kalam, MA; Varman, M; Mosarof, MH; Mufti, RA; Quazi, MM; Khuong, LS; Liaqat, M; Jamshaid, M; Alabdulkarem, A; Khurram, M
2017-01-01Investigation of the tribochemical interactions of a tungsten-doped diamond-like carbon coating (W-DLC) with formulated palm trimethylolpropane ester (TMP) and polyalphaolefin (PAO)Zahid, R; Haji Hassan, MB; Alabdulkarem, A; Varman, M; Mufti, RA; Kalam, MA; Binti Mohd Zulkifli, NW; Gulzar, M; Lee, T
2022-03-01Optimisation of biodiesel production from mixed Sterculia foetida and rice bran oilKusumo, F; Mahlia, TMI; Shamsuddin, AH; Ahmad, AR; Silitonga, AS; Dharma, S; Mofijur, M; Ideris, F; Ong, HC; Sebayang, R; Milano, J; Hassan, MH; Varman, M
2016-01-01Performance and emission of multi-cylinder diesel engine using biodiesel blends obtained from mixed inedible feedstocksSanjid, A; Kalam, MA; Masjuki, HH; Varman, M; Zulkifli, NWBM; Abedin, MJ
2022-01-15Single-step catalytic deoxygenation of palm feedstocks for the production of sustainable bio-jet fuelWhy, ESK; Ong, HC; Lee, HV; Chen, WH; Asikin-Mijan, N; Varman, M; Loh, WJ