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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-12-01Are all dividends created equal? Australian evidence using dividend-increase track recordsMichayluk, D; Neuhauser, K; Walker, S
2010-01Are certain dividend increases predictable? The effect of repeated dividend increases on market returnsMichayluk, D; Neuhauser, K; Walker, S; al, AAE
2008-06-01Auctions versus book-built IPOs in Japan: A comparison of aftermarket volatilityPettway, RH; Thosar, S; Walker, S
2019-02-01Beyond the headlines: Fetal movement awareness is an important stillbirth prevention strategyFlenady, V; Ellwood, D; Bradford, B; Coory, M; Middleton, P; Gardener, G; Radestad, I; Homer, C; Davies-Tuck, M; Forster, D; Gordon, A; Groom, K; Crowther, C; Walker, S; Foord, C; Warland, J; Murphy, M; Said, J; Boyle, F; O'Donoghue, K; Cronin, R; Sexton, J; Weller, M; McCowan, L
2022-10-26Breech specialist midwives and clinics in the OptiBreech Trial feasibility study: An implementation process evaluation.Dasgupta, T; Hunter, S; Reid, S; Sandall, J; Shennan, A; Davies, SM; Walker, S
2021-03-01Cost-Effectiveness of Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance in Diagnosing Coronary Artery Disease in the Australian Health Care System.Kozor, R; Walker, S; Parkinson, B; Younger, J; Hamilton-Craig, C; Selvanayagam, JB; Greenwood, JP; Taylor, AJ
2015Crop Diversification in Malaysian Low Lying Marginal LandWalker, S; Virdis, S; Gopalan, Y; Jahanshiri, E; Gopalan, A
2009-08-01Detection of illicit substances in fingerprints by infrared spectral imagingNg, PHR; Walker, S; Tahtouh, M; Reedy, B
2005-01Developing a dilemma model to diagnose and overcome organizational cultural barriers to implement knowledge managementSankaran, S; Glover, J; Walker, S; James, P
2022-04-04Development of a core outcome set for effectiveness studies of breech birth at term (Breech-COS)-an international multi-stakeholder Delphi study: study protocol.Walker, S; Dasgupta, T; Shennan, A; Sandall, J; Bunce, C; Roberts, P
2019-12Dividend Consistency: Rewards, Learning, and ExpectationsMichayluk, D; Walker, S; Neuhauser, K
2007-01How do organisations learn in a project environment? A multiple case study analysis drawing lessons from the built environment context.Sankaran, S; Orr, M; Kumar, MR; Walker, S; London, K; Thyarappan, G; Chen, J
2009-01A market valuation for Optus pre-listing: a case noteWalker, S; Partington, G
2001-11-01A note on transaction costs and the interpretation of dividend drop-off ratiosPartington, G; Walker, S
2014-01A participatory action research study of knowledge management implementation in a large European telecommunication company in their UK officeWalker, S; Sankaran, S
2005-01Persephone's Paradox: The Author's Journey into the UnderworldSkilbeck, R; Motham, L; Douglas, K; Dwyer, T; Walker, S; Wooller, S; Cornelius, M
2021-11Post-split underreaction: The importance of prior split historyWalker, S
2015Predicting Paddy Rice Production under an Integrated Cropping System on Malaysian East CoastGopalan, Y; Walker, S; Virdis, S; Jahanshiri, E
2005-01Real experiences in knowledge management implementation: Using action researchSankaran, S; Walker, S; James, P; Mau, M; Orr, M
2015Repeated dividend increases : a collection of four essaysWalker, S