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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-04-2130 years on: Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody recommendations remain unimplementedAnthony, T; Williams, M; Jordan, K; Walsh, T; Markham, F
2024A Mixed Methods Evaluation of the Social Value of Indigenous Procurement Policies in the Australian Construction IndustryDenny-Smith, G; Sunindijo, RY; Williams, M; Loosemore, M; Piggott, L
2017-04-13Aboriginal mitogenomes reveal 50,000 years of regionalism in Australia.Tobler, R; Rohrlach, A; Soubrier, J; Bover, P; Llamas, B; Tuke, J; Bean, N; Abdullah-Highfold, A; Agius, S; O'Donoghue, A; O'Loughlin, I; Sutton, P; Zilio, F; Walshe, K; Williams, AN; Turney, CSM; Williams, M; Richards, SM; Mitchell, RJ; Kowal, E; Stephen, JR; Williams, L; Haak, W; Cooper, A
2009-01-01Adaptation to climate change of wheat growing in South Australia: Analysis of management and breeding strategiesLuo, Q; Bellotti, W; Williams, M; Wang, E
2022-12Admixture has obscured signals of historical hard sweeps in humans.Souilmi, Y; Tobler, R; Johar, A; Williams, M; Grey, ST; Schmidt, J; Teixeira, JC; Rohrlach, A; Tuke, J; Johnson, O; Gower, G; Turney, C; Cox, M; Cooper, A; Huber, CD
2019-04-01Agreement Between Breathlessness Severity and Unpleasantness in People With Chronic Breathlessness: A Longitudinal Clinical StudyEkström, M; Williams, M; Johnson, MJ; Huang, C; Currow, DC
2023-06Alcohol and other drug use before custody among Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people in New South Wales, Australia.Doyle, MF; Al-Ansari, F; Kaye, S; Williams, M; Conigrave, K; Bowman, J
2023-08-02An Australian National Survey of First Nations Careers in Health ServicesNathan, S; Meyer, L; Joseph, T; Blignault, I; Bailey, J; Demasi, K; Newman, J; Briggs, N; Williams, M; Fatt, EL; Srinivasan, K
2017-11-17The analysis of novel microRNA mimic sequences in cancer cells reveals lack of specificity in stem-loop RT-qPCR-based microRNA detectionWinata, P; Williams, M; McGowan, E; Nassif, N; Van Zandwijk, N; Reid, G
2008-08-15An analysis of the sensitivity of sap flux to soil and plant variables assessed for an Australian woodland using a soil-plant-atmosphere modelZeppel, M; MacInnis-Ng, C; Palmer, A; Taylor, D; Whitley, R; Fuentes, S; Yunusa, I; Williams, M; Eamus, D
2011-05-01Applying a SPA model to examine the impact of climate change on GPP of open woodlands and the potential for woody thickeningMacinnis-Ng, C; Zeppel, M; Williams, M; Eamus, D
2003-01Applying the Software Evaluation Framework 'SEF' to the Software Development Life CycleWong, B; Williams, M
2016-11-30Arresting incarceration: Pathways out of Indigenous incarcerationWilliams, M
2012-01Art Appropriation in an Australian Advertising Landscape: A qualitative research case studyWilliams, M; Lee Richard
2019-04-01Assessing research impact: Australian Research Council criteria and the case of Family Wellbeing researchTsey, K; Onnis, LA; Whiteside, M; McCalman, J; Williams, M; Heyeres, M; Lui, SM; Klieve, H; Cadet-James, Y; Baird, L; Brown, C; Watkin Lui, F; Grainger, D; Gabriel, Z; Millgate, N; Cheniart, B; Hunter, T; Liu, HB; Yinghong, Y; Yan, L; Lovett, R; Chong, A; Kinchin, I
2020-07-23Assessing the impact of social procurement policies for Indigenous peopleDenny-Smith, G; Williams, M; Loosemore, M
2014-01-01Building in sustainability, social responsibility and value co-creationBiggemann, S; Williams, M; Kro, G
2022-09-26Bunya Project – Self-determining allied health care educationManton, D; Williams, M; Hayen, A
2010-11-15The carbon balance of European croplands: A cross-site comparison of simulation modelsWattenbach, M; Sus, O; Vuichard, N; Lehuger, S; Gottschalk, P; Li, L; Leip, A; Williams, M; Tomelleri, E; Kutsch, WL; Buchmann, N; Eugster, W; Dietiker, D; Aubinet, M; Ceschia, E; Béziat, P; Grünwald, T; Hastings, A; Osborne, B; Ciais, P; Cellier, P; Smith, P
2017-10-24Challenges and opportunities in land surface modelling of savanna ecosystemsWhitley, R; Beringer, J; Hutley, LB; Abramowitz, G; De Kauwe, MG; Evans, B; Haverd, V; Li, L; Moore, C; Ryu, Y; Scheiter, S; Schymanski, SJ; Smith, B; Wang, YP; Williams, M; Yu, Q