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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-11-15A Certain Shift? How the Position of Adult Education within Lifelong Learning Weakens although Longitudinal Studies Show Its BenefitsGrotlüschen, A; Belzer, A; Etner, M; Yasukawa, K
2010Academic Casualisation In Australia: Class Divisions In The UniversityBrown, T; Goodman, J; Yasukawa, K
2010-04-01Academic casualization in Australia: Class divisions in the universityBrown, T; Goodman, J; Yasukawa, K
2010Academic Casualization in Australia: Class Divisions in UniversitiesBrown, A; Goodman, J; Yasukawa, K
2019-08-06Adult basic education in Australia: in need of a new song sheet?Yasukawa, K; Osmond, P; Tett, L; Hamilton, M
2019-12Adults’ numeracy practices in fluid and unstable contexts—An agenda for education, policy and research?Yasukawa, K; Evans, J
2007-01An agenda for mathematics education in the decade of education for sustainable developmentYasukawa, K
2015-07Australian VET teacher education: What is the benefit of pedagogical studies at University for VET teachers?Smith, E; Yasukawa, K; Hodge, S
2008-01The benefits of adults learning numeracyYasukawa, K; Widin, J; Chodkiewicz, AK; Matos, JF; Valero, P; Yasukawa, K
2010-03-01Between immediacy and imagination: the place of the educator and organiser in union renewalBrown, T; Yasukawa, K
2013-07-08Beyond deficit models for integrating language, literacy and numeracy in Australian VETBlack, S; Yasukawa, K
2016-07-19Beyond Economic Interests Critical Perspectives on Adult Literacy and Numeracy in a Globalised WorldYasukawa, K; Black, S
2010-01Breaking Out of the Package: Educating literacy and numeracy teachers with agencyYasukawa, K
2012-01-01Bringing critical mathematics to work: But can numbers mobilise?Yasukawa, K; Brown, T
2014-03-01Changing conceptualisations of literacy and numeracy in lean production training: Two case studies of manufacturing companiesBlack, S; Yasukawa, K; Brown, T
2010-01Commentary on Politicising Mathematics Education: Has Politices Gone too Far? Or not Far Enough?Yasukawa, K; Sriraman, B; English, L
2017-03-04A comparative analysis of national media responses to the OECD Survey of Adult Skills: policy making from the global to the local?Yasukawa, K; Hamilton, M; Evans, J
2019-08-21Counting the Uncounted: Contestations over casualisation data in Australian UniversitiesDados, N; Goodman, J; Yasukawa, K; Evans, J; Ruane, S; Southall, H
2013-01-01Critical perspectives on adults' mathematics educationEvans, J; Wedege, T; Yasukawa, K
2015-01-01Critically Reading the OECD Survey of Adult SkillsYasukawa, K; Evans, J; Mukhopadhyay, S; Greer, B