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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008-01Adopting of Local ChildrenMonahan, GI; Candlin, A; monahan, G; Young, L
2008-01The Child in Utero and Ex UteroStewart, PE; Stuhmcke, AG; Monahan, G; Young, L
2017-01-01The Child in utero and ex uteroStewart, PE; Stuhmcke, A; Young, L; Kenny, MA; Monahan, G
2014-01-01Co-innovation in networks of resources - A case study in the Chinese exhibition industryDawson, BK; Young, L; Tu, C; Chongyi, F
2018-01-01A Comparative Study of Different Integer Linear Programming Approaches for Resource-Constrained Project Scheduling ProblemsChakrabortty, RK; Sarker, R; Essam, DL; Sarker, R; Abbass, HA; Dunstall, S; Kilby, P; Davis, R; Young, L
2017-01-01Compensation for survivors of Institutional Child Sexual Abuse in Australia: Tortious rights and challenges for reformStewart, PE; Silink, A; Young, L; Kenny, MA; Monahan, G
2007-01-01Concerning trust and informationDenize, S; Young, L
2008-01Contractual LiabilityMonahan, GI; Monahan, G; Young, L
2014-01-01Emotions in supermarket brand choice: A multi-method approachSpanjaard, D; Young, L; Freeman, L
2018-06-03Factors that influence Australian speech-language pathologists’ self-reported uptake of aphasia rehabilitation recommendations from clinical practice guidelinesYoung, L; Shrubsole, K; Worrall, L; Power, E
2006-01Family Law in Australia 6th editionMonahan, GI; Young, L
2015-01-01FKBPL: A marker of good prognosis in breast cancerNelson, L; McKeen, HD; Marshall, A; Mulrane, L; Starczynski, J; Storr, SJ; Lanigan, F; Byrne, C; Arthur, K; Hegarty, S; Ali, AA; Furlong, F; McCarthy, HO; Ellis, IO; Green, AR; Rakha, E; Young, L; Kunkler, I; Thomas, J; Jack, W; Cameron, D; Jirström, K; Yakkundi, A; McClements, L; Martin, SG; Gallagher, WM; Dunn, J; Bartlett, J; O'Connor, D; Robson, T
2012-04-01How channels evolve: A historical explanationBairstow, N; Young, L
2008-01Indigenous Children and Contemporary Child WelfareLibesman, T; Monahan, G; Young, L
2017-03-01Not one size fits all': A brief review of models of care for women with breast cancer in AustraliaPorter-Steele, J; Tjondronegoro, D; Seib, C; Young, L; Anderson, D
2010-01Oral discomfort in palliative care: A study of the experience of termainlly ill patientsRohr, Y; Adams, J; Young, L
2010-01-01Oral discomfort in palliative care: Results of an exploratory study of the experiences of terminally ill patientsRohr, Y; Adams, J; Young, L
2016-12-01P232 Tailored Education Required Across the Long Term Care Workforce to Ensure Quality Palliative CareKaasalainen, S; Sussman, T; Bui, M; Parker, D; Venturato, L; Sinclair, S; Thompson, G; Strachan, P; Bonifas, R; Young, L; Team, S-L
2020-11-23Physical activity and menopausal symptoms in women who have received menopause-inducing cancer treatments: results from the Women's Wellness After Cancer Program.Bailey, TG; Mielke, GI; Skinner, TS; Anderson, D; Porter-Steele, J; Balaam, S; Young, L; McCarthy, AL
2017Protecting children from abuse and neglectSilink, AJ; Young, L; Kenny, MA; Monahan, G