Self-oscillations in nonlinear torsional metamaterials

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Journal Article
New Journal of Physics, 2013, 15
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We study the nonlinear dynamics of torsional meta-molecules - sub-wavelength resonators with strong coupling between electromagnetic excitation and rotational deformation - and show that such structures may undergo self-oscillations. We develop a semi-analytical model to evaluate the electromagnetic-elastic coupling in such structures. By analysing the local stability of the system, we reveal two different mechanisms leading to self-oscillations. Contrary to many previously studied optomechanical systems, self-oscillations of torsional meta-molecules can be extremely robust against mechanical damping. Due to the chiral nature of the structure, a consequence of self-oscillations in this system is dynamic nonlinear optical activity, which can be actively controlled by a range of parameters such as the field strength and polarization of the incident wave. © IOP Publishing and Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft.
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