Near-field and far-field analysis of an azimuthally polarized slow Bloch mode microlaser

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Journal Article
Optics Express, 2010, 18 (26), pp. 26879 - 26886
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We report on the near- and far-field investigation of the slow Bloch modes associated with the G point of the Brillouin zone, for a honeycomb lattice photonic crystal, using near-field scanning optical microscopy (NSOM) and infra-red CCD camera. The array of doughnut-shaped monopolar mode (mode M) inside each unit cell, predicted previously by numerical simulation, is experimentally observed in the near-field by means of a metal-coated NSOM tip. In far-field, we detect the azimuthal polarization of the doughnut laser beam due to destructive and constructive interference of the mode radiating from the surface (mode TEM01*). A divergence of 2° for the laser beam and a mode size of (12.8 ± 1) μm for the slow Bloch mode at the surface of the crystal are also estimated. © 2010 Optical Society of America.
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