A Genetic Algorithm Approach for Scheduling Trains Maintenance Under Uncertainty

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Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing, 2020, 1121 AISC pp. 106 - 118
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© Springer Nature Switzerland AG 2020. This paper investigates the overhaul maintenance scheduling problem in which the maintenance duration is uncertain at the time of planning. This problem involves specifying the dates of trains’ arrival at the maintenance centre while taking into consideration the due windows, the desired number of trains in service, and the capacity of the maintenance centre. The cycle time of each type of trains is random with a known probability distribution. The objective is to minimise a weighted sum of two components: (i) the deviation of the assigned arrival dates from the due windows and (ii) the penalty for violating the resources’ constraints. A combined genetic algorithm with sample average approximation solution approach is developed to solve this problem. The solution approach consists of a genetic algorithm for global search and an exact method to determine the arrival dates of train-sets when a sequence of train-sets is known. The results with data provided by one of the leading Australian maintenance center show that the proposed method can produce good solution within acceptable computation time.
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