Characterization and Control of Quantum Systems using Machine Learning and Information Theory

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The tasks of characterization and control of quantum systems are becoming more challenging with the advancement of quantum technology. Standard methods that were successful for simple quantum systems are becoming inadequate for more complex engineered systems. Modelling assumptions and approximations (such as Markovianity) are not justifiable anymore. As a result, the usual models fail to fit experimental measurements. In this thesis, we use state-of-the-art machine learning methods, assisted by tools from information theory as needed, to develop new frameworks that try to address these challenges. We focus on three directions. The first is developing an efficient online quantum state estimation algorithm with provable convergence properties. The second is developing a deep learning framework for characterizing and controlling closed quantum systems. The final direction is upgrading that framework to be suitable for characterization and control of open quantum systems. This thesis opens the door for a novel way of utilizing machine learning techniques for applications in quantum information specially and physics in general.
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