Iterative learning sliding mode control for uav trajectory tracking

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Journal Article
Electronics (Switzerland), 2021, 10, (20), pp. 2474-2474
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This paper presents a novel iterative learning sliding mode controller (ILSMC) that can be applied to the trajectory tracking of quadrotor unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) subject to model uncertainties and external disturbances. Here, the proposed ILSMC is integrated in the outer loop of a controlled system. The control development, conducted in the discrete-time domain, does not require a priori information of the disturbance bound as with conventional SMC techniques. It only involves an equivalent control term for the desired dynamics in the closed loop and an iterative learning term to drive the system state toward the sliding surface to maintain robust performance. By learning from previous iterations, the ILSMC can yield very accurate tracking performance when a sliding mode is induced without control chattering. The design is then applied to the attitude control of a 3DR Solo UAV with a built-in PID controller. The simulation results and experimental validation with real-time data demonstrate the advantages of the proposed control scheme over existing techniques.
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