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1-Jan-1990Mood changes, obstetric experience and alterations in plasma cortisol, beta-endorphin and corticotrophin releasing hormone during pregnancy and the puerperiumSmith, R; Cubis, J; Brinsmead, M; Lewin, T; Singh, B; Owens, P; Chan, EC; Hall, C; Adler, R; Lovelock, M; Hurt, D; Rowley, M; Nolan, M
1993From the schizophrenic mother to the contemporary role of carer: women's responsibility for mental disorderOrr, F
Jan-1994Multiple organ system failure (Ch 14)Davidson, PM; Romanini Daly
Jan-1994Endocrine problemsDavidson, PM; Romanini Daly
1-Jun-1994Mothers in prison.Catling-Paull, C
13-Oct-1995Continuity of care by a midwife team versus routine care during pregnancy and birth: A randomised trialRowley, MJ; Hensley, MJ; Brinsmead, MV; Wlodarczyk, JH
Jan-1996QUM in intensive care (Chapter 7)Davidson, PM; Daly, J; romanini, J; Stein, I
1-Jan-1997Strategies for teaching clinical decision-makingBoney, J; Baker, JD
Jan-1999Incidence And Predictors Of Central Venous Catheter Related Infection In Intensive Care PatientsMcKinley, SM; Mackenzie, A; Finfer, S; Ward, R; Penfold, J
Jan-1999A comparison of two methods of antenatal breast-feeding educationSheehan, A
1-Jan-1999Thinking sociologically about complementary medicineTovey, P; Adams, J
18-Mar-1999A novel method of guideline development for the diagnosis and management of mild to moderate hypertensionAdams, JL; Fitzmaurice, DA; Heath, CM; Loudon, RF; Riaz, A; Sterne, A; Thomas, CP
1-Dec-1999Tennis racquet stiffness and string tension effects on rebound velocity and angle for an oblique impactBower, R; Sinclair, P
1-Jan-2000General practitioners, complementary therapies and evidence-based medicine: The defence of clinical autonomyAdams, J
28-Apr-2000A systematic review of patient information leaflets for hypertensionFitzmaurice, DA; Adams, JL
1-Jul-2000Treatment-seeking behavior for acute myocardial infarction symptoms in North America and AustraliaMcKinley, S; Moser, DK; Dracup, K
Jan-2001From I.T. to information management with casemix dataDiers, D; Pelletier, DS
Jan-2001Implementation of the Fresh Start Smoking Cessation Programme to 23 Antenatal Clinics: A randomized controlled trial investigation two methods of disseminationCooke, M; Mattick, RP; Walsh, RA
Jan-2001Seeding information management capacity to support operational management in hospitalsDiers, D; Pelletier, DS
Jan-2001Introduction of night-lights to reduce falls on an Assessment, Treatment and Rehabilitation UnitShepherd, L; Foureur, M