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9-May-2013Challenges to developing methane biofiltration for coal mine ventilation air: A reviewLimbri, H; Gunawan, C; Rosche, B; Scott, J
15-Apr-2016Adsorption of T4 bacteriophages on planar indium tin oxide surface via controlled surface tailoringLiana, AE; Chia, EW; Marquis, CP; Gunawan, C; Gooding, JJ; Amal, R
17-Apr-2014Coal-packed methane biofilter for mitigation of green house gas emissions from coal mine ventilation airLimbri, H; Gunawan, C; Thomas, T; Smith, A; Scott, J; Rosche, B
1-Jan-2011Removal of Low Methane Concentrations from Mine Ventilation Air by Methane-Oxidising MicroorganismsGunawan, C; Limbri, H; Rosche, B; Scott, J
1-Oct-2018Kinetics, mechanism, and thermodynamics of lanthanum adsorption on pectin extracted from durian rindKusrini, E; Wicaksono, W; Gunawan, C; Daud, NZA; Usman, A
1-Feb-2008Improved (R)-phenylacetylcarbinol production with Candida utilis pyruvate decarboxylase at decreased organic to aqueous phase volume ratiosGunawan, C; Breuer, M; Hauer, B; Rogers, PL; Rosche, B
1-Jan-2007Yeast pyruvate decarboxylases: Variation in biocatalytic characteristics for (R)-phenylacetylcarbinol productionGunawan, C; Satianegara, G; Chen, AK; Breuer, M; Hauer, B; Rogers, PL; Rosche, B
15-Mar-2018Antimicrobial activity of T4 bacteriophage conjugated indium tin oxide surfacesLiana, AE; Marquis, CP; Gunawan, C; Justin Gooding, J; Amal, R
28-Mar-2018Textile Dye Removal from Aqueous Solution using Modified Graphite Waste/Lanthanum/Chitosan CompositeKusrini, E; Wicaksono, B; Yulizar, Y; Prasetyanto, EA; Gunawan, C
21-Feb-2017Multifunctional microsphere formulation of fluorescent magnetic properties for drug delivery systemKusrini, E; Prassanti, R; Nurjaya, DM; Gunawan, C
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