A Hybrid Model for Pricing and Hedging of Long-dated Bonds

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Journal Article
Applied Mathematical Finance, 2015, 22 (4), pp. 366 - 398
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© 2015 Taylor & Francis. Abstract: Long-dated fixed income securities play an important role in asset-liability management, in life insurance and in annuity businesses. This paper applies the benchmark approach, where the growth optimal portfolio (GOP) is employed as numéraire together with the real-world probability measure for pricing and hedging of long-dated bonds. It employs a time-dependent constant elasticity of variance model for the discounted GOP and takes stochastic interest rate risk into account. This results in a hybrid framework that models the stochastic dynamics of the GOP and the short rate simultaneously. We estimate and compare a variety of continuous-time models for short-term interest rates using non-parametric kernel-based estimation. The hybrid models remain highly tractable and fit reasonably well the observed dynamics of proxies of the GOP and interest rates. Our results involve closed-form expressions for bond prices and hedge ratios. Across all models under consideration we find that the hybrid model with the 3/2 dynamics for the interest rate provides the best fit to the data with respect to lowest prices and least expensive hedges.
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