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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Aspects of the early life history of billfish off Kona, HawaiiWest, Andrew Peter
Jan-2014Aspiration, Consumer Culture, and Individualism in Les Belles-SoeursRobert, JL
28-Sep-2010Aspiring Leaders PartnershipRobert Mellor
-AssemblageCampbell, KF; Chung, EY; Mandl, SF; Monin, ML; Kate Britton
Jan-2011Assemblathon 1: A Competitive Assessment Of De Novo Short Read Assembly MethodsEarl, D; Bradnam, K; St John, J; Darling, AE; Lin, D; Fass, J; Hung, O; Buffalo, V; Zerbino, D; Diekhans, M; Nguyen, N; Ariyaratne, P; Sung, W; Ning, Z; Haimel, M; Simpson, J; Fonseca, N; Birol, I; Docking, T; Ho, I; Rokhsar, D; Chikhi, R
Jan-2011Assembled Modules Technology For Site-specific Prolonged Delivery Of NorfloxacinOliveira, P; Bernardi, L; Strusi, O; Mercuri, S; Silva, M; Colombo, P; Sonvico, F
2008Assembling workers as learners : rethinking VET reforms in advanced liberal AustraliaReich, A
Jan-2015The assembly and use of tethered bilayer lipid membranes (tBLMs).Cranfield, C; Carne, S; Martinac, B; Cornell, B
Jan-2012Assembly Process's Simulation of High-Field Permanent Magnet Flux Source Based on Vector Magnetic Hysteresis ModelZeng, J; Bai, B; Guo, Y; Zhu, J; Lin, Z; Bai, B
Jan-2010Asserting the Doctrine of Discovery in AustraliaBehrendt, LY; Press, OU
2016Assess The Topographic Resolution Impact On Soil LossZhu, Q; Yang, X; Yu, Q
2011Assessing a feature's trustworthiness and two approaches to feature selectionUbaudi, FA
Jan-2011Assessing a potential electroencephalography based algorithm during a monotonous train driving task in train driversJap, B; Fischer, P; Lal, S; NA
Mar-2014Assessing adaptation using PAAMWilkinson, SJ; Wilkinson, SJ; Remoy, HT; Langston, C
Jan-2003Assessing and Developing Project Management CompetenceCrawford, L; Turner, JR
Mar-2015Assessing and evaluating the ocean-colour footprint of a regional observing systemJones, EM; Doblin, MA; Matear, R; King, E
1-Dec-2014Assessing Best-Worst Scaling in Consumer Value ResearchParvin, S; Wang, PZ; Rundle-Thiele, S; Kubacki, K; Arli, D
Jan-2007Assessing brick waste on domestic construction sites for future avoidanceForsythe, PJ; Mate, KJ; Forsythe, PJ; Mate, K
Jan-2003Assessing consumer vanity in Australia and ChinaWang, PZ; Kennedy, R
2014Assessing development in and through visual arts : case studies of five Hong Kong preschoolersCheung, LH