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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-01-31Submission to the Federal Government's Critical Minerals Strategy ReviewNorthey, S; Cordell, D; Langdon, R; Giurco, D
2023-01-23Shifting the Menu: Reducing the carbon footprint of fast-food consumption by switching to plant-based optionsJazbec, M; Salim, H; Khara, T; Cordell, D; White, S
2023-01-01Phosphorus price spikes: A wake-up call for phosphorus resilienceBrownlie, WJ; Sutton, MA; Cordell, D; Reay, DS; Heal, KV; Withers, PJA; Vanderbeck, I; Spears, BM
2022-12-01Concerns about global phosphorus demand for lithium-iron-phosphate batteries in the light electric vehicle sectorSpears, BM; Brownlie, WJ; Cordell, D; Hermann, L; Mogollón, JM
2022-06-01Mapping agricultural vulnerability to impacts of climate events of Punjab, PakistanNadeem, F; Jacobs, B; Cordell, D
2021-11-01Commentary: Time to take responsibility on phosphorus: Towards circular food systemsCordell, D; Brownlie, WJ; Esham, M
2021-02-20Adapting food systems to the twin challenges of phosphorus and climate vulnerability: the case of Sri LankaCordell, D; Dominish, E; Esham, M; Jacobs, B; Nanda, M
2020-09-01Managing agricultural vulnerability to phosphorus scarcity through bottom-up assessment of regional-scale opportunitiesNanda, M; Kansal, A; Cordell, D
2020-05Five pillars for stakeholder analyses in sustainability transformations: The global case of phosphorus.Lyon, C; Cordell, D; Jacobs, B; Martin-Ortega, J; Marshall, R; Camargo-Valero, MA; Sherry, E
2020Towards resolving the phosphorus chaos created by food systemsWithers, PJA; Forber, KG; Lyon, C; Rothwell, S; Doody, DG; Jarvie, HP; Martin-Ortega, J; Jacobs, B; Cordell, D; Patton, M; Camargo-Valero, MA; Cassidy, R
2019-08-06New training to meet the global phosphorus challengeReitzel, K; Bennett, WW; Berger, N; Brownlie, WJ; Bruun, S; Christensen, ML; Cordell, D; Van Dijk, K; Egemose, S; Eigner, H; Glud, RN; Grönfors, O; Hermann, L; Houot, S; Hupfer, M; Jacobs, B; Korving, L; Kjærgaard, C; Liimatainen, H; Van Loosdrecht, MCM; Macintosh, KA; Magid, J; Maia, F; Martin-Ortega, J; McGrath, J; Meulepas, R; Murry, M; Neset, TS; Neumann, G; Nielsen, UG; Nielsen, PH; O'Flaherty, V; Qu, H; Santner, J; Seufert, V; Spears, B; Stringer, LC; Stutter, M; Verburg, PH; Wilfert, P; Williams, PN; Metson, GS
2019-06-15Assessing national vulnerability to phosphorus scarcity to build food system resilience: The case of India.Nanda, M; Cordell, D; Kansal, A
2019-03-15Transforming phosphorus use on the island of Ireland: A model for a sustainable systemMacintosh, KA; Chin, J; Jacobs, B; Cordell, D; McDowell, RW; Butler, P; Haygarth, PM; Williams, P; Quinn, JP; O'Flaherty, V; McGrath, JW
2018-01-01Frameworks for transdisciplinary research framework #3Mitchell, C; Fam, D; Cordell, D
2018-01-01Mapping phosphorus hotspots in Sydney's organic wastes: A spatially explicit inventory to facilitate urban phosphorus recyclingMetson, GS; Cordell, D; Ridoutt, B; Mohr, S
2017-11-01Towards phosphorus sustainability in North America: A model for transformational changeJacobs, B; Cordell, D; Chin, J; Rowe, H
2017-06-30Creating demand for recycled organic compostDominish, E; Cordell, D; Jacobs, B
2017-01-01Phosphorus security: Future pathways to reduce food system vulnerability to a new global challengeWhite, S; Cordell, D
2017-01-01Being a transdisciplinary researcher: skills and dispositions fostering competence in transdisciplinary research and practiceFam, DM; Smith, T; Cordell, D; Fam, D; Palmer, J; Riedy, C; Mitchell, C
2017-01-01Beginning at the end: the outcome spaces framework to guide purposive transdisciplinary researchMitchell, C; Cordell, D; Fam, DM; Fam, D; Palmer, J; Reidy, C; Mitchell, C