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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Disrupting education using smart mobile pedagogies.Kearney, M; Burden, K; Schuck, S; Daniela, L
8-Aug-2018Teachers’ technology adoption and practices: lessons learned from the IWB phenomenonKearney, M; Schuck, S; Aubusson, P; Burke, PF
1-Jun-2018Mobile learning for science and mathematics school education: A systematic review of empirical evidenceBano, M; Zowghi, D; Kearney, M; Schuck, S; Aubusson, P
1-Apr-2018Designing an educator toolkit for the mobile learning ageBurden, K; Kearney, M
15-Mar-2018Exploring teacher pedagogy, stages of concern and accessibility as determinants of technology adoptionBurke, PF; Schuck, S; Aubusson, P; Kearney, M; Frischknecht, B
15-Mar-2017Exploring mobile learning in the Third SpaceSchuck, S; Kearney, M; Burden, K
1-Jan-2017Investigating and critiquing teacher educators’ mobile learning practicesBurden, KJ; Kearney, M
1-Jan-2017Feature based sentiment analysis for evaluating the mobile pedagogical affordances of appsBano, M; Zowghi, D; Kearney, M
1-Apr-2016Future Scenarios for Mobile Science LearningBurden, K; Kearney, M
1-Jan-2016Conceptualising authentic mobile learningBurden, K; Kearney, M
3-Jul-2015Students' use of digital video in contemporary science teacher educationKearney, M; Pressick-Kilborn, K; Aubusson, P
1-Jan-2015Investigating teachers' adoption of signature mobile pedagogiesKearney, M; Burden, K; Rai, T
1-Jan-2014Teachers Choosing Rich Tasks: The Moderating Impact of Technology on Student Learning, Enjoyment, and PreparationAubusson, P; Burke, P; Schuck, S; Kearney, M; Frischknecht, B
1-Feb-2013Mobilising teacher education: A study of a professional learning communitySchuck, S; Aubusson, P; Kearney, M; Burden, K
1-Jan-2013Exploring connected learning spaces in teacher educationPerry, R; Pressick-Kilborn, K; Kearney, M
1-Jan-2013Mobile learning in maths teacher education: Using ipads to support pre-service teachers’ rofessional developmentKearney, M; Maher, D
25-Jul-2012Viewing mobile learning from a pedagogical perspectiveKearney, M; Schuck, S; Burden, K; Aubusson, P
1-Jan-2012Learning beyond the classroom: Implications for school scienceAubusson, P; Griffin, J; Kearney, M
1-Jun-2011A learning design for student-generated digital storytellingKearney, M
1-Dec-2010Mobagogy- mobile learning for a higher education communitySchuck, S; Aubusson, P; Kearney, M; Burden, K