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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009-01Are SME printers accidental environmentalists?Lawrence, PW; Davis, D; Benn, SH; Beaumont, N
2009-01Cultural differences in attitudes toward plagiarism in undergraduate business students: An empirical investigationRedfern, KA; Barnwell, NS; Beaumont, N
2009-01Face values on trust in loyalty and empowerment: A study of managers in China's public sectorWang, KY; Fang, Y; Beaumont, N
2019-09-05The future of Blue Carbon scienceMacreadie, PI; Anton, A; Raven, JA; Beaumont, N; Connolly, RM; Friess, DA; Kelleway, JJ; Kennedy, H; Kuwae, T; Lavery, PS; Lovelock, CE; Smale, DA; Apostolaki, ET; Atwood, TB; Baldock, J; Bianchi, TS; Chmura, GL; Eyre, BD; Fourqurean, JW; Hall-Spencer, JM; Huxham, M; Hendriks, IE; Krause-Jensen, D; Laffoley, D; Luisetti, T; Marba, N; Masque, P; McGlathery, KJ; Megonigal, JP; Murdiyarso, D; Russell, BD; Santos, R; Serrano, O; Silliman, BR; Watanabe, K; Duarte, CM
2009-01Global strategies for social product consumption: Identifying the socially-conscious consumerAuger, P; Devinney, TM; Louviere, JJ; Beaumont, N
2009-01Identifying and measuring motivational factors in conducting network marketing business by Chinese immigrantsDai, F; Teo, ST; Wang, KY; Beaumont, N
2009-01Knowledge dynamics in communities of practicePerrott, B; Beaumont, N
2009-01Through the practice looking glass: Re-viewing workers as practitionersPrice, O; Johnsson, MC; Beaumont, N
2024-01-15To what extent can decommissioning options for marine artificial structures move us toward environmental targets?Knights, AM; Lemasson, AJ; Firth, LB; Beaumont, N; Birchenough, S; Claisse, J; Coolen, JWP; Copping, A; De Dominicis, M; Degraer, S; Elliott, M; Fernandes, PG; Fowler, AM; Frost, M; Henry, L-A; Hicks, N; Hyder, K; Jagerroos, S; Love, M; Lynam, C; Macreadie, PI; McLean, D; Marlow, J; Mavraki, N; Montagna, PA; Paterson, DM; Perrow, MR; Porter, J; Bull, AS; Schratzberger, M; Shipley, B; van Elden, S; Vanaverbeke, J; Want, A; Watson, SCL; Wilding, TA; Somerfield, PJ