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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020A Markovian Approach to the Mobility Management for the D2D Communications in 5G Cellular Network SystemBarua, S; Braun, R; Klempous, R; Nikodem, J
2022-01-01A Retrospective on Workload Identifiers: From Data Center to Cloud-Native NetworksBabakian, A; Monclus, P; Braun, R; Lipman, J
2022-01-01A Roadmap to Smart Homes Security Aided SDN and MLAltaf, T; Braun, R
2007-12-01Active MIB: Addressing challenges of wireless mesh networksChaczko, Z; Chiang, F; Braun, R
2019-02-08Agent based modeling of a flange climb derailmentHakim, G; Braun, R
2022-01-01An agent-based approach to disintegrate and modularise Software Defined Networks controllerChemalamarri, VD; Abolhasan, M; Braun, R; Oteafy, S; Bulut, E; Tschorsch, F
2014-01-01Analysing the performance of the OpenFlow standard for software-defined networking using the OMNeT++ network simulatorBanjar, A; Pupatwibul, P; Braun, R; Moulton, B
2006-12-01Analyzing usability alternatives in multi-criteria decision making during ERP trainingMahadevan, V; Agbinya, J; Braun, R
2007-12-01Ant-based topology convergence algorithms for resource management in VANETsChiang, F; Chaczko, Z; Agbinya, J; Braun, R
2008-09-22Artificial immune system inspired danger modelling in wireless mesh networksLebbe, MA; Agbinya, JI; Chaczko, Z; Braun, R
2019-01-29Assessment Design for Studio-Based LearningBraun, R; Brookes, W; Hadgraft, R; Chaczko, Z
2022-01-01Assistive IoT-centric Robotics for Senior LivingChaczko, Z; Chiu, C; Borowik, G; Braun, R
2005-12-01Autonomic service configuration for telecommunication MASs with extended role-based GAIA and JADExChiang, F; Braun, R; Huaug, Z; Magrath, S; Markovits, S
2009-07-17A biologically inspired service architecture in ubiquitous computing environmentsChiang, F; Braun, R
2007-08-01A biologically-inspired multi-agent framework for autonomic service managementChiang, F; Braun, R; Hughes, J
2014-01-01Centralized and Distributed CRRM in Heterogeneous Wireless NetworksAl Sabbagh, A; Braun, R; Abolhasan, M; Klempous, R; Nikodem, J; Jacak, W; Chaczko, Z
2019-09-01Collaborative RFID agent simulation in dynamic environmentLiu, J; Chaczko, Z; Braun, R; Gudzbeler, G
2012-01Collaborative Target Tracking for Laparoscopic Surgery Simulation utilizing Anticipatory SanetsChiu, CC; Chaczko, ZC; Chaczko, Z; Braun, R
-A Comparative Review: Accurate OpenFlow Simulation Tools for PrototypingPupatwibul, P; Banjar, A; AL Sabbagh, A; Braun, R
2015-01-01Comparison of TCP/IP routing versus openflow table and implementation of intelligent computational model to provide autonomous behaviorBanjar, A; Pupatwibul, P; Braun, R