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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-01-01Application of Scenario-based Approaches in Leadership Research: An Action Research Intervention as Three Sets of Interlinked PracticesSankaran, S; Dick, B; Shaw, K; Cartwright, C; Davies, A; Kelly, J; Vindin, B
2014-01-01Experiences of Countertransference: Reports of Clinical Psychology StudentsCartwright, C; Rhodes, P; King, R; Shires, A
2006-01How can we develop a leadership capability framework for non-profit Australian health and community organizations?Sankaran, S; Sheppard, A; Cartwright, C; Kelly, J
-An innovative model of leadership development for the not-for-profit aged and community care sectorCartwright, C; Ryan, N; Sankaran, SHANKAR; Soar, J
2010-01Leadership of nonprofit organizations in the aged and community careSankaran, S; Cartwright, C; Kelly, J; Shaw, K; Soar, J; Wilby, J
2015-01-01A Pilot Study of a Method for Teaching Clinical Psychology Trainees to Conceptualise and Manage CountertransferenceCartwright, C; Rhodes, P; King, R; Shires, A
2012-01Scenario planning and analysis in practice: Investigating leadership development using action research in faith-based not-for-profit organisations in AustraliaSankaran, S; Dick, B; Shaw, K; Cartwright, C; Davies, A; Illingworth, B; Volberda Hank
2021-01-01“Thinking it through”: toward a model of reflective practice for trainee psychologists’ countertransference reactionsCartwright, C; Hayes, JA; Yang, Y; Shires, A
2013-01Using Delphi as a democratic research method facilitating involvement to investigate leadership capability development in AustraliaSankaran, S; Illingworth, B; Shaw, K; Dick, B; Davies, A; Cartwright, C; Yamak, S