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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-01-01An alternative approach to mapping thermophysical units from martian thermal inertia and albedo data using a combination of unsupervised classification techniquesJones, E; Caprarelli, G; Mills, FP; Doran, B; Clarke, J
-Art + Science/Health= Well-beingDoran, B; Watfern, C; Vaughan, P
2017-02Art is Exercise for the Brain,Doran, B
2023-01Coalescing, Cross-Pollinating, Crystalising: Developing and Evaluating an Art Installation About Health Knowledge.Watfern, C; Triandafilidis, Z; Vaughan, P; Doran, B; Dadich, A; Disher-Quill, K; Maple, P; Hickman, L; Elliot, M; Boydell, KM
2010-02-15“Corporate Philanthropy, Social Responsibility and Community Welfare Organisations: Finding a common language” Discussion PaperRoffey, C; Darcy, M; Keenahan, D; Varua, M; Doran, B
2022-11-01Critical Costume 2022: Connections:Doran, B; Osmond, S
2023-09Embodied LearningAllen, L; Pratt, S; Le Hunte, B; Melvold, J; Doran, B; Kligyte, G; Ross, K; Philipp, T; Schmohl, T
2023-08-01Embodied learningAllen, L; Pratt, S; Le Hunte, B; Melvold, J; Doran, B; Kligyte, G; Ross, K
2021-09-13Embodied learning for a complex world: exploring creative education approaches through a transdisciplinary workshop.Allen, L; Pratt, S; Le Hunte, A; Doran, B; Kligyte, G; Melvold, J; Ross, K
2022-12-21Encouraging help-seeking and engagement in a mental health app: What young people wantGarrido, S; Oliver, E; Chmiel, A; Doran, B; Boydell, K
2019-04-07Human Rights and Technology Issues Paper: UTS SubmissionBuckingham Shum, S; Vincent, N; Lindsay, D; Potts, M; Anderson, T; Carnemolla, P; Cottee, P; Doran, B
2019-08-30The Hive, MBG SPHERE International Health SymposiumDoran, B; Chua, S; Gibson, C; Boydell, K; Dadich, A; Doran, B; Gibson, C
2021-04The HIVE: a co-created art installation about health.Watfern, C; Doran, B; Dadich, A; Triandafilidis, Z; Habak, S; Boydell, KM
-Topsy TurvyDoran, B; Vaughan, P; Maple, P; McKinnon, A; Pulvirenti, A
-Topsy TurvyDoran, B; Pulvirentini, A; McKinnon, A; Maple, P
2018Waiting Room wordsDoran, B; Zigmond, H
2021-09-22What this collaboration between artists and health-care leaders teaches us about living through COVID-19Doran, B; Dadich, A; Watfern, C; Boydell, K; Habak, K
2015-11-09You are, I am - within and withoutDoran, B; Garcia,, A