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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-07-013-D-Printed Phase-Rectifying Transparent Superstrate for Resonant-Cavity AntennaHayat, T; Afzal, MU; Lalbakhsh, A; Esselle, KP
2020-02-013D printable lightweight porous superstrate for improved radiation performance of antennaHayat, T; Afzal, MU; Ahmed, F; Lalbakhsh, A; Esselle, KP
2021A Beam Squinted Linearly Polarised Radial Line Slot Array Antenna with Improved Return Loss BandwidthKoli, NY; Afzal, MU; Esselle, KP; Hashmi, RM; Islam, MZ
2020A Binary-switch Controlled Periodic Half-width Leaky-wave Antenna for Fixed Frequency Beam Steering near the Endfire RegionKarmokar, DK; Bird, TS; Guo, YJ; Esselle, KP
2021-02-17A Brief Overview of Antenna Technologies for Communications-On- The-Move Satellite Communication Mobile TerminalsEsselle, KP
2016-02-01A Class of Extremely Wideband Resonant Cavity Antennas with Large Directivity-Bandwidth ProductsHashmi, RM; Esselle, KP
2021-12A dielectric free near field phase transforming structure for wideband gain enhancement of antennasAhmed, F; Afzal, MU; Hayat, T; Esselle, KP; Thalakotuna, DN
2020-04-09A Double Layer Circularly Polarised Radial Line Slot Array Antenna with Uniform Aperture IlluminationKoli, NY; Afzal, MU; Esselle, KP; Hashmi, RM; Islam, MZ; Shrestha, S
2016-01-01A dual-mode reconfigurable patch antenna and an extended transmission line modelMajumdar, B; Esselle, KP
2020-05-13A Low Profile, UWB Circular Patch Antenna with Monopole-Like Radiation CharacteristicsMohamadzade, B; Simorangkir, RBVB; Hashmi, RM; Esselle, KP
2020-07-08A Low-profile and Efficient Front-End Antenna for Point-to-Point Wireless Communication LinksKoli, NY; Afzal, MU; Esselle, KP; Hashmi, RM; Islam, MZ
2018-11-15A Low-Profile Beam-Tilted Antenna Array for Receiving Direct-Broadcast Satellite ServicesAfzal, MU; Lalbakhsh, A; Esselle, KP
2016-01-01A low-profile printed planar phase correcting surface to improve directive radiation characteristics of electromagnetic band gap resonator antennasAfzal, MU; Esselle, KP
2021-01-01A Metal-Only Partially Reflective Surface for Metallic Resonant-Cavity AntennasAhmed, F; Afzal, MU; Esselle, KP
2020-10-01A Method to Develop Flexible Robust Optically Transparent Unidirectional Antennas Utilizing Pure Water, PDMS, and Transparent Conductive MeshSayem, ASM; Simorangkir, RBVB; Esselle, KP; Hashmi, RM; Liu, H
2018-07-01A Methodology to Design a Low-Profile Composite-Dielectric Phase-Correcting StructureAfzal, MU; Esselle, KP; Lalbakhsh, A
2020-05-01A Millimeter-Wave Antenna System for Wideband 2-D Beam SteeringBaba, AA; Hashmi, RM; Esselle, KP; Attygalle, M; Borg, D
2022-06-29A Near-Field Meta-Steering Antenna System with Fully Metallic MetasurfacesAhmed, F; Afzal, MU; Hayat, T; Esselle, KP; Thalakotuna, DN
2020-01-01A Radial Line Slot-Array Antenna With Low Side Lobes and a Uniform-Phase, Tapered-Amplitude Aperture Field DistributionKoli, MNY; Afzal, MU; Esselle, KP; Hashmi, RM
2021-11-26A Robust, Flexible and Frequency Reconfigurable Antenna with Flexible Superstrate and SubstrateSayem, SM; Esselle, KP