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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2004Ad likeability and brand recall in Asia: a cross-cultural study.Fam, KS; Waller, DS
1-Apr-2009Addressing the advertising of controversial products in China: An empirical approachFam, KS; Waller, DS; Yang, Z
1-Dec-2003Advertising controversial products in the Asia Pacific: What makes them offensive?Fam, KS; Waller, DS
4-Jan-2013Advertising dislikeability in Asia: Is there a relationship with purchase intention and frequency?Fam, KS; Waller, DS; Cyril de Run, E; He, J
1-Jan-2005Advertising of controversial products:a cross-cultural studyWaller, DS; Fam, KS; Erdogan, BZ
1-Dec-2008Agency-client relationship factors across life-cycle stagesFam, KS; Waller, DS
2015Attitudes towards sexual images in Chinese advertisements by religionWaller, DS; Fam, KS
Jan-2008Controversial Product Advertising in China: Perceptions of Three Generational CohortsFam, KS; Waller, DS; Ong, F; Yang, Z
23-Jan-2006Identifying likeable attributes: A qualitative study of television advertisements in AsiaFam, KS; Waller, DS
Jan-2004The influence of religion on attitudes towards the advertising of controversial productsFam, KS; Waller, DS; Erdogan, BZ
Jan-2002Islamic faith and attitudes towards the advertising of controversial productsFam, KS; Waller, DS; Erdogan, BZ; Shaw, R; Adam, S; McDonald, H
Jan-2002Offence to the advertising of controversial products: a study of gender attitudes in China and MalaysiaWaller, DS; Fam, KS
Jan-2001Offence to the Advertising of Gender-Related Products in China and MalaysiaWaller, DS; Fam, KS; Chetty, S; Collins, B
1-Jan-2008Perceptions of offensive advertising elements: A China–U.S. comparisonWaller, DS; Christy, TP; Fam, KS
Jan-2007Reducing offensiveness of advertising for controversial products: an empirical study of three generations in ChinaFam, KS; Waller, DS; Yang, Z; Heath, R; Neijens, P; Smit, E
1-Oct-2011Reducing offensiveness of STD prevention advertisements in ChinaWaller, DS; Fam, KS
Jan-2006Reducing social advertising offensiveness: a study of STD prevention in ChinaFam, KS; Waller, DS; Fry, ML