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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2016Brand performance volatility from marketing spendingFischer, M; Shin, HS; Hanssens, DM
1-Jan-2016Brand valuation in accordance with GAAP and legal requirementsFischer, M
Jan-2015Drivers of B2B brand strength - Insights from an international study across industriesLennartz, E; Fischer, M; Krafft, M; Peters, K; Wagenhofer, A
1-Jan-2010Drivers of peak sales for pharmaceutical brandsFischer, M; Leeflang, PSH; Verhoef, PC
1-Jan-2014Drivers of the cost of capital: The joint role of non-financial metricsHimme, A; Fischer, M
Jan-2012Dynamically allocating the marketing budget: How to leverage profits across markets, products and markting activitiesFischer, M; Albers, S; Wagner, N; Frie, M
1-Jan-2014Empirical generalizations of demand and supply dynamics for moviesClement, M; Wu, S; Fischer, M
1-Jan-2011Establishment success of 25 rare wetland species introduced into restored habitats is best predicted by ecological distance to source habitatsNoël, F; Prati, D; van Kleunen, M; Gygax, A; Moser, D; Fischer, M
1-Mar-2017The financial brand value chain: How brand investments contribute to the financial health of firmsFischer, M; Himme, A
1-Oct-2010How important are brands? A cross category cross-country studyFischer, M; Volckner, F; Sattler, H
30-Jan-2019Inhibition of polyamine synthesis and uptake reduces tumor progression and prolongs survival in mouse models of neuroblastomaGamble, LD; Purgato, S; Murray, J; Xiao, L; Yu, DMT; Hanssen, KM; Giorgi, FM; Carter, DR; Gifford, AJ; Valli, E; Milazzo, G; Kamili, A; Mayoh, C; Liu, B; Eden, G; Sarraf, S; Allan, S; Giacomo, SD; Flemming, CL; Russell, AJ; Cheung, BB; Oberthuer, A; London, WB; Fischer, M; Trahair, TN; Fletcher, JI; Marshall, GM; Ziegler, DS; Hogarty, MD; Burns, MR; Perini, G; Norris, MD; Haber, M
15-Nov-2018LDHA in neuroblastoma is associated with poor outcome and its depletion decreases neuroblastoma growth independent of aerobic glycolysisDorneburg, C; Fischer, M; Barth, TFE; Mueller-Klieser, W; Hero, B; Gecht, J; Carter, DR; de Preter, K; Mayer, B; Christner, L; Speleman, F; Marshall, GM; Debatin, KM; Beltinger, C
30-Mar-2016Localization of Narrowband Single Photon Emitters in NanodiamondsBray, K; Sandstrom, R; Elbadawi, C; Fischer, M; Schreck, M; Shimoni, O; Lobo, C; Toth, M; Aharonovich, I
1-Jan-2011Managing global brand investments at DHLFischer, M; Giehl, W; Freundt, T
Jan-2014Marketing Spending ModelsFischer, M; Min, D; Eliashberg, J; Stremersch, S
1-Aug-2016Marketing's impact on firm value: Generalizations from a meta-analysisEdeling, A; Fischer, M
Jan-2010A Method to Measure the Financial Value of Dormant BrandsFischer, M; Schollmeyer, T
Feb-2010Patient- or Physician-Oriented Marketing: What Drives Primary Demand for Prescription Drugs?Fischer, M; Albers, S
1-Jul-2011Practice prize winner: Dynamic marketing budget allocation across countries, products, and marketing activitiesFischer, M; Albers, S; Wagner, N; Frie, M
Jan-2008ReMoteCare: Health Monitoring with Streaming VideoFischer, M; Lim, Y; Lawrence, EM; Ganguli, LK; IEEE