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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-04Educational data journeys: Where are we going, what are we taking and making for AI?Howard, SK; Swist, T; Gasevic, D; Bartimote, K; Knight, S; Gulson, K; Apps, T; Peloche, J; Hutchinson, N; Selwyn, N
2022-05-01Explainable Artificial Intelligence in educationKhosravi, H; Shum, SB; Chen, G; Conati, C; Gasevic, D; Kay, J; Knight, S; Martinez-Maldonado, R; Sadiq, S; Tsai, Y-S
2021-04-05Footprints at School: Modelling In-class Social Dynamics from Students’ Physical Positioning TracesYan, L; Martinez-Maldonado, R; Cordoba, BG; Deppeler, J; Corrigan, D; Nieto, GF; Gasevic, D
2021-04-05Impact of learning analytics feedback on self-regulated learning: Triangulating behavioural logs with students’ recallLim, L-A; Gasevic, D; Matcha, W; Uzir, NA; Dawson, S
2020Learning Analytics beyond the LMS: Enabling Connected Learning via Open Source Analytics in "the wild"Kitto, K; Lupton, M; Bruza, P; Mallett, D; Banks, J; Dawson, S; Gasevic, D; Buckingham Shum, S; Pardo, A; Siemens, G
2015Loop: A learning analytics tool to provide teachers with useful data visualisationsCorrin, L; Kennedy, G; Barba, PD; Bakharia, A; Lockyer, L; Gasevic, D; Williams, D; Dawson, S; Copeland, S; Reiners, T; von Konsky, BR; Gibson, D; Chang, V; Irving, L; Clarke, K
2017Research with Simulated DataHershkovitz, A; Knight, S; Jovanovic, J; Dawson, S; Gasevic, D
2016Student retention and learning analytics: A snapshot of Australian practices and a framework for advancementColvin, C; Rogers, T; Wade, A; Dawson, S; Gasevic, D; Buckingham Shum, S; Nelson, K; Alexander, S; Lockyer, L; Kennedy, G; Corrin, L; Fisher, J
2020-01-01Students' sense-making of personalised feedback based on learning analyticsLim, L-A; Dawson, S; Gasevic, D; Joksimovic, S; Fudge, A; Pardo, A; Gentili, S
2021-04-01What changes, and for whom? A study of the impact of learning analytics-based process feedback in a large courseLim, L-A; Gentili, S; Pardo, A; Kovanovic, V; Whitelock-Wainwright, A; Gasevic, D; Dawson, S