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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-11A multi-faceted evaluation of the impact on students of an Australian university-wide academic language development programGoldsmith, R; Havery, C; Edwards, E; James, N; Murphy, A; Mort, P; Nixon, D; O'Donoghue, G; Yang, JS; Yeo, J
2015-01-01Activity theory analysis of the visibility of writing practices in the engineering curriculumGoldsmith, R; Willey, K
2010-01Best practice or business as usual? Whose interests are served by the engineering science paradigm?Goldsmith, R; Reidsema, C; Campbell, D; Gardner, A; Jolly, L
2011-01Designing the FutureGoldsmith, R; Reidsema, C; Hadgraft, RG; Campbell, D; Levy, D
2017Developing three-dimensional engineers through project-based learningInchbold, S; Goldsmith, R
2019Embedding language across the university and through the curriculum: implementing the EEL projectGoldsmith, R; Edwards, E; Griffiths, N; Havery, C; Hunter, K; Nixon, D; Yeo, J
2019Emerging findings from the UTS Embedding English Language ProjectEdwards, E; Goldsmith, R; Griffiths, N; Havery, C; Hunter, K; Nixon, D; Yeo, J
2018-03-01Governing the social, material, textual, and advancing professional learning of doctoral candidates in the contemporary universityManidis, M; Goldsmith, R
2012-01How can writing develop students' deep approaches to learning in the engineering curriculum?Goldsmith, R; Willey, K; Boud, DJ; Mann, L; Daniel, S
2021-01-01Inclusive Whole of Institution Language support: the Embedding Academic language Framework at UTSGoldsmith, R; Hunter, K
2019-03-04Investigating invisible writing practices in the engineering curriculum using practice architecturesGoldsmith, R; Willey, K; Boud, D
2016-01-01"It's not my job to teach writing": Activity theory analysis of [invisible] writing practices in the engineering curriculumGoldsmith, R; Willey, K
2021Journal of Academic Language and LearningEdwards, E; Goldsmith, R; Havery, C; James, N
2018-06-03Making writing practices visible and sustainable in the engineering curriculum: a practice architectures theory analysisGoldsmith, R; Willey, K
2021-11-18Methodology for demonstrating the impact of a university-wide language development programGoldsmith, R; Edwards, E; Havery, C; James, N; Mort, P; Murphy, A; Nixon, D; O'Donoghue, G
2018The otherness of writing in the engineering curriculum: A practice architectures perspectiveGoldsmith, R; Willey, K
2009A paradigm shift from student to researcher: An academic preparation program for international studentsJones, G; Farrell, H; Goldsmith, R
2010-01Perspectives on teaching and learning engineering design across four universitiesGoldsmith, R; Reidsema, C; Beck, H; Campbell, D; Forsyth, G
2021-01-01Publishing in the Australasian Journal of Engineering EducationMale, S; Daniel, S; Beddoes, K; Eaton, R; Goldsmith, R; Lamborn, J; Nikolic, S
2016-04-25Reflecting on reflective writing analytics: Assessment challenges and iterative evaluation of a prototype toolShum, SB; Sándor, Á; Goldsmith, R; Wang, X; Bass, R; Mcwilliams, M