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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-01-21A combined convolutional and recurrent neural network for enhanced glaucoma detection.Gheisari, S; Shariflou, S; Phu, J; Kennedy, PJ; Agar, A; Kalloniatis, M; Golzan, SM
-The Association between Retinal and Central Pulse Wave Velocity in the ElderlyRezaeian, M; Golzan, SM; Avolio, AP; Graham, S; Butlin, M
-Autonomous assessment of spontaneous retinal venous pulsations in fundus videos using a deep learning frameworkPanahi, A; Rezaee, A; Hajati, F; Shariflou, S; Agar, A; Golzan, SM
2023-12-11Autonomous Stabilization of Retinal Videos for Streamlining Assessment of Spontaneous Venous PulsationsSheng, H; Yu, X; Wang, F; Khan, MDW; Weng, H; Shariflou, S; Golzan, SM
2014-01-01Characterizing dynamic properties of retinal vessels in the rat eye using high speed imagingGolzan, SM; Butlin, M; Kouchaki, Z; Gupta, V; Avolio, A; Graham, SL
2022-08-30Cognitive Performance on the Montreal Cognitive Assessment Test and Retinal Structural and Functional Measures in GlaucomaBastani Viarsagh, S; Zhang, ME; Shariflou, S; Agar, A; Golzan, SM
2015-06-04Correlation of retinal nerve fibre layer thickness and spontaneous retinal venous pulsations in glaucoma and normal controlsGolzan, SM; Morgan, WH; Georgevsky, D; Graham, SL
2017-09-01Diagnostic and prognostic potential of retinal biomarkers in early on-set Alzheimer’s diseaseShariflou, S; Georgevsky, D; Mansour, H; Rezaeian, M; Hosseini, N; Gani, F; Gupta, V; Braidy, N; Golzan, SM
-Distribution of Copper, Iron, and Zinc in the Retina, Hippocampus, and Cortex of the Transgenic APP/PS1 Mouse Model of Alzheimer’s DiseaseHosseinpour Mashkani, SM; Bishop, DP; Raoufi-Rad, N; Adlard, PA; Shimoni, O; Golzan, SM
2011-01-01Dynamic association between intraocular pressure and spontaneous pulsations of retinal veinsGolzan, SM; Graham, SL; Leaney, J; Avolio, A
2012-10-01Hemodynamic interactions in the eye: A reviewGolzan, SM; Avolio, A; Graham, SL
2016-10-13High speed in-vivo imaging of retinal hemodynamics in a rodent model of hypertensionRezaeian, M; Georgevsky, D; Golzan, SM; Graham, SL
2019-10-01A longitudinal assessment of retinal function and structure in the APP/PS1 transgenic mouse model of Alzheimer's diseaseGeorgevsky, D; Retsas, S; Raoufi, N; Shimoni, O; Golzan, SM
2011-11-01Minimising retinal vessel artefacts in optical coherence tomography imagesGolzan, SM; Avolio, A; Graham, SL
2024-02-01Neurodegenerative effects of air pollutant Particles: Biological mechanisms implicated for Early-Onset Alzheimer’s diseaseGunawan, C; Fleming, C; Irga, PJ; Wong, RJ; Amal, R; Torpy, FR; Golzan, SM; McGrath, KC
2012-12-14Non-invasive cerebrospinal fluid pressure estimation using multi-layer perceptron neural networksGolzan, SM; Avolio, A; Graham, SL
2012-09-01Non-invasive estimation of cerebrospinal fluid pressure waveforms by means of retinal venous pulsatility and central aortic blood pressureGolzan, SM; Kim, MO; Seddighi, AS; Avolio, A; Graham, SL
2019-07-01A novel method for retinal vessel segmentation and diameter measurement using high speed videoRezaeian, M; Butlin, M; Golzan, SM; Graham, SL; Avolio, AP
2020-03-18Objective Quantification of Spontaneous Retinal Venous Pulsations Using a Novel Tablet-Based OphthalmoscopeShariflou, S; Agar, A; Rose, K; Bowd, C; Golzan, SM
2019-01-01Postural effects on spontaneous retinal venous pulsations in healthy individualsGeorgevsky, D; Gangoda, SVS; Golzan, SM