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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-01The Australian Olympic Caravan from 2000 to 2012Cashman, R; Harris, R
2013-03-30Differential growth and yield by canola (Brassica napus L.) and wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) arising from alterations in chemical properties of sandy soils due to additions of fly ashYunusa, IAM; Manoharan, V; Harris, R; Lawrie, R; Pal, Y; Quiton, JT; Bell, R; Eamus, D
-An empirical basis for the ratio of crowd controllers to patronsEdwards, DC; Harris, R; Homel, P; Fuller, G
2001Event management : an Australian bibliographyHuyskens, M; Allen, J; Harris, R
2002Events and place making : proceedings of international Event Research Conference, held in Sydney, July 2002Hede, A; Deery, M; Jago, L; Harris, R; Allen, J
2000Events beyond 2000 : setting the agenda : proceedings of conference on event evaluation, research and education, Sydney, July 2000Jago, L; Veal, AJ; Allen, J; Harris, R
2003-01The experience of a historic tourism precint: a phenomenological approachHayllar, BR; Griffin, T; Huyskens, M; Griffin, T; Harris, R
2013-11-01An exploration of the relationship between large-scale sporting events and education for sustainable development: The case of the Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth GamesHarris, R
2018-01-01An exploratory study of "best practice" in environmentally sustainable event management in Australian public eventsHarris, R; Schlenker, K
2021Impact of the coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic on critical care healthcare workers' depression, anxiety, and stress levels.Hammond, NE; Crowe, L; Abbenbroek, B; Elliott, R; Tian, DH; Donaldson, LH; Fitzgerald, E; Flower, O; Grattan, S; Harris, R; Sayers, L; Delaney, A
2012-12-01Implementation and evaluation of an education program to guide palliative care for people with motor neurone diseaseMcConigley, R; Aoun, S; Kristjanson, L; Colyer, S; Deas, K; O'Connor, M; Harris, R; Currow, D; Yates, P
2020-11-09Implementing gene curation for hereditary cancer susceptibility in Australia: achieving consensus on genes with clinical utility.Tudini, E; Davidson, AL; Dressel, U; Andrews, L; Antill, Y; Crook, A; Field, M; Gattas, M; Harris, R; Kirk, J; Pachter, N; Salmon, L; Susman, R; Townshend, S; Trainer, AH; Tucker, KM; Mitchell, G; James, PA; Ward, RL; Mar Fan, H; Poplawski, NK; Spurdle, AB
2003-01Inclusive and accessible special event planning: an Australian perspectiveDarcy, SA; Harris, R
2004-01An indigenous community learning centre to promote a culture of learningWidin, J; Norman, HR; Ndaba, A; Yasukawa, K; Harris, R
2014-01-01Introduction: Special issue on the australian event symposiumHarris, R; Edwards, D; Foley, C; Schlenker, K
2014-01-01Managing alcohol and drugs in event and venue settings: The australian caseHarris, R; Edwards, D; Homel, P
2001-01-01Professional accreditation in the Australian tourism industry; An uncertain futureHarris, R; Jago, L
2002-01The relative effectiveness of special events as a promotional tool: a case study of a European automobile distributor's events strategyMcDonnell, IG; Gebhardt, S; Jago, L; Deery, M; Harris, R; Hede, AM; Allen, J
2007-01Residents' perceptions of the social impacts of community festivals: a cluster analysisSchlenker, K; O'Mahony, B; Harris, R; Mair, J
2001-01Stories about breast cancer in Australian women's magazinesWilkes, L; Withnall, J; Harris, R; White, K; Beale, B; Hobson, J; Durham, M; Kristjanson, L