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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011-01-01Advancing Collaboration between M-Learning Researchers and Practitioners through an Online Portal and Web 2.0 TechnologiesDyson, LE; Litchfield, A
2009-01-01Advancing the m-learning research agenda for active, experiential learning: Four case studiesDyson, LE; Litchfield, A; Lawrence, E; Raban, R; Leijdekkers, P
2010-09-14Contextualising and integrating into the curriculum the learning and teaching of work-ready professional graduate attributesLitchfield, A; Frawley, J; Nettleton, S
2007-12-01Directions for m-learning research to enhance active learningLitchfield, A; Dyson, LE; Lawrence, E; Zmijewska, A
2009-12-01Improving graduate attributes with online teaching resources: A case study in IT managementSixsmith, A; Litchfield, A
2010-12-01Improving the learning of graduate attributes in the curriculum: A case-study in it managementSixsmith, A; Litchfield, A
2008-09-16M-fieldwork for information systems studentsDyson, LE; Lawrence, E; Litchfield, A; Zmijewska, A
2008-09-25Mobile learning and student perspectives: An mReality check!Lawrence, E; Bachfischer, A; Dyson, LE; Litchfield, A
2010-11-04Student-produced vodcasts as active metacognitive learningLitchfield, A; Dyson, LE; Wright, M; Pradhan, S; Courtille, B
2009-11-18Using students' devices and a no-to-low cost online tool to support interactive experiential mlearningLitchfield, A; Raban, R; Dyson, LE; Leigh, E; Tyler, J
2008-12-01Work-ready wiki: Supporting the learning and teaching of professional graduate attributesLitchfield, A; Nettleton, S