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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-12-04Adopting an integrated inclusion practice: Preliminary findings and reflectionsLindeck, J; Daniel, S; Whelan, K; Rhodes-Dicker, L; Machet, T; Cheng, E; Brown, N; Boye, T; Bhatia, T
2015An analysis of the provision of context within existing remote laboratoriesMachet, T; Lowe, D
2022-01-01Co-designing an engineering professional practice program with studentsBoye, T; Machet, T; Narai, R
2018Complexity Makes Me Feel Incompetent and It's Your FaultWilley, K; Machet, T
2019-01-01Diversity and gender enrolment patterns in an undergraduate engineering programLowe, D; Machet, T; Wilkinson, T; Johnston, A
2021-12-05Fostering a capacity for relational agency in undergraduate engineering and ITMachet, T; Lindeck, J; Boye, T; Cheng, E; Daniel, S; Bhatia, T
2021-01-01Fostering a capacity for relational agency in undergraduate engineering and ITMachet, T; Lindeck, J; Boye, T; Cheng, E; Daniel, S; Bhatia, T
2021-12-05Identifying and developing the factors necessary for the creation of functional groupsLindeck, J; Machet, T; Boye, T; Cheng, E; Daniel, S; Bhatia, T
2022-11-28Inclusive teaching practices: a comparative case study of integrated inclusion in different contextsMachet, T; Daniel, S; Bhatia, T; Boye, T; Brown, N; Cheng, E; Lindeck, J; Rhodes-Dicker, L; Whelan, K
2021-09-13Mixed-Mode Teaching: Emerging from COVID-19 to future practiceBoye, T; Machet, T
2012-12-01On the potential for using immersive virtual environments to support laboratory experiment contextualisationMachet, T; Lowe, D; Gütl, C
2020-12-06Relational Agency in First and Further Year Group WorkMachet, T; Lindeck, J; Daniel, S; Boye, T; Cheng, E; Bhatia, T
2019-03-04The relationship between breadth of previous academic study and engineering students' performanceLowe, D; Johnston, A; Wilkinson, T; Machet, T
2022-12-04Student Reflections on Experiences in Curriculum DesignFarrugia, E; Machet, T; Boye, T; Hadgraft, R; Tomc, E
2022Supporting the Transition to Engineering Education Research: growing the community through the AAEE Winter SchoolWilley, K; Goldsmith, R; Machet, T; Daniel, S; Gardner, A; Langie, G
2021-01-01Systematic Literature Review of Students' perception of Employability SkillsMurthy, KC; Machet, T
2021Systematic Literature Review of Students’ Perception of Employability SkillsMurthy, KC; Machet, T
2021Undergraduate Student’s Perceptions of Factors that Enable and Inhibit their Professional Skill DevelopmentWilley, K; David, L; Emanuela, T; Kate, R; Machet, T
2019-01-01The use of constructive alignment in the design of laboratory activitiesLowe, D; Machet, T; Willey, K; Berger, A
2020-12-06Using an online collaboration platform to facilitate group workLindeck, J; Cheng, E; Machet, T; Boye, T; Daniel, S; Bhatia, T